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eBay Dropshippers: Use Terapeak to Provide Marketplace Research

Terapeak eBay dropshippers eBay dropshippers should consider using Terapeak to provide up to date market research that will help you stay current with the hottest trends.

If you want to change your eBay sales from blah to brilliant, check out Terapeak!

In case you have heard of Terapeak in passing but are more or less clueless about that it is and what it does, as well as how it might be expected to help you on eBay with your dropshipping business….read on.

Terapeak is a certified eBay provider that was founded in 2004. Here is an explanation of what it’s all about, straight from the Terapeak website:

“Terapeak analyzes over 2.4 billion transactions per year and over $68 Billion in online consumer spending worldwide. This summarization of data provides online merchants with the market intelligence needed to maximize their business, resulting in increased margins, revenue, customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Terapeak helps online merchants to understand the current and competitive landscape of their market space by providing transparency into competitor behavior, pricing techniques and strategies, supply and demand, category and product trends, and customer purchase patterns.

As the first authorized analytics provider of eBay market data, and the leading aggregator of e-commerce data for eBay, Amazon, Yahoo! JAPAN and Magento, Terapeak has evolved from a pioneer to the market leader in analytics and business intelligence for ecommerce platforms and merchants.
Founded in 2004, Terapeak is an indispensable resource for over 1.3 million online merchants.”

Terapeak for eBay is specifically for eBay sellers, drop shippers or otherwise, and is the only tool you will need to shift your eBay drop shippers sales into high gear. It takes the guesswork out of selling, something anyone who has ever sold on eBay can identify with. Besides learning how to sell more effectively on eBay, you will examine market activity, product performance, along with consumer and competitor behavior.

Trying to get your dropship products seen in Best Match, especially since eBay rolled out the Cassini search engine, is challenging to say the least. Terapeak to the rescue! With Terapeak, you get a lot more visibility for your dropshipping products because it gathers market intelligence about transactions on eBay for the past year and shows you how to optimize your presence on the site to rank higher in the eBay search results.

This benefit alone is worthwhile!

Terapeak is the sole worldwide distributor of eBay Market Data. You are provided with detailed insights from billions of consumer transactions on the site into:

  • Statistics
  • Ecommerce trends
  • Buyer behavior
  • Lifestyle
  • And more

Terapeak provides:

  • Forecast future trends
  • Specific verticals
  • Flags warning areas
  • Illuminates demand and opportunities
  • Alleviate risk in decision making

Using Terapeak will help you to work smarter instead of harder and to make wiser, more informed decisions about the operation of your eBay dropshippers business. Knowledge really is power and when you put Terapeak to work for you, it provides the knowledge you need to put your eBay dropshipping business on the fast track to success.

Check out Terapeak today, the choice of eBay dropshippers who want to maximize sales and profits!

Dropship Home Business: eBay, Amazon or Your Own Website?


dropship eBay AmazonDo you want to start a dropship home business and are unsure about which venue is best---eBay, Amazon or your own website?

This is a very common question about newbies to the world of ecommerce and it has a multifaceted answer. Knowing something about the basic structure for sellers on Amazon and eBay, along fees, policies and which categories you can sell in will all help make up the bigger picture and make it easier for you to decide which is best for your dropship business.

Let’s take a look at each venue and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Dropship on Amazon

The Pros:

  • Sheer volume of traffic will help get global exposure for your dropship products. You could not possibly hope to duplicate the amount of traffic found on this giant venue.

  • The name is famous and respected around the world and some of this cachet would rub off on you by virtue of selling there, boosting the trust and confidence of shoppers who view your products.

  • Marketing and SEO are largely something you won’t have to worry about if you dropship on Amazon. You should still incorporate good SEO into your titles and descriptions, though.


The Cons:

  • Very little personal communication with your buyers, which means it will be harder to build a repeat customer base.

  • Fees are a little high, so you will need to set your prices high enough to allow an ample margin for profits.

  • Policies are fairly strict, but if you are a good, honest seller this really shouldn’t affect you.

  • The categories unavailable to list in are pretty standard, such as prescription drugs. Some categories require approval by Amazon prior to listing.

Dropship on eBay

The Pros:

  • As with Amazon only to a somewhat smaller extent, there is a huge flow of global traffic that will get you’re a lot more exposure than you would get on your own.

  • While using SEO on eBay in your titles, product descriptions and other content will certainly help you to make more sales, it isn’t as crucial as it would be with your own website. Ditto for marketing.

  • eBay is well known and although it has lost some ground, remains a very popular online shopping mall for the world in general. This lends you a certain amount of credibility by association if you dropship on the site.

The Cons:

  • Fees are not as high in some categories as they were prior to the Spring Sellers Update, but higher in others, especially if you sell in large volume. Policies are extremely rigid and almost unrealistic in some cases.

  • You are discouraged (to put it mildly) from having any communication at all with your buyers, making it almost impossible to forge a connection that would lead to repeat purchases.

Your Own Dropship Website

The Pros:

  • You can personalize and customize your website to suit yourself.

  • You aren’t bound by someone else’s rules and policies and don’t have to worry about unfair or undeserved feedback trashing your business or getting you shut down and banned from selling as you do on eBay or to some extent, Amazon.

  • You can make a more personal connection with your buyers and encourage repeat business.

  • No fees.

The Cons:

  • You cannot reasonably expect to get the amount of traffic generated on Amazon or eBay.

  • You will have to be much more aggressive about marketing, SEO, website maintenance and more.

So, as you can see, each venue has something top recommend it and some points not really in its favor. When you start your home dropship business, weight each of the pros and cons about eBay, Amazon and your own website; then choose which seems best for your purposes.

eBay Dropship Seller Tips & Tools for Success

dropship seller eBay
If you are an eBay dropship seller, you may be interested to get some tips and tools for success!

Anyone who is longing to get out of a deadly dull, high stress and low pay job in favor of working from home in a dropship business of their own is already on the right track. Disregard any of the gloom and doom stories you might see online about how it is impossible to succeed on eBay and especially with a dropship business model.

This is simply not true.

Many, many people from all around the world are earning very comfortable livings--or more--as dropship sellers on eBay, and you can, too, provided you follow a few easy rules and tips.

Here are some valuable tips and tools that can be your strongest business partner for your dropship selling career on eBay.

  • First, establish your account. If you don’t have much feedback, Paypal is apt to hold your payments until each products has been received by the buyer. Who wants that? So, set up your account and begin making some small purchases to establish feedback. Besides, buying before selling can be extremely helpful in giving you a bird’s eye look at the process from a buyer’s point of view. If nothing else, you might learn what NOT to do.

  • Find your niche. This is of paramount importance in selling on eBay. You should find a niche with a large enough demand to keep you in sales and traffic. Hopefully, your niche will not be oversaturated with competitors. Some competition is okay, of course. You can out distance your competition by providing better customer service than they do and thus gaining more repeat customers, as well as referrals from previous buyers.

  • Try using audio in your listings. Many shoppers respond favorably to audio as long as it is pertinent info about your product that helps them make an informed buying decision.

  • Be careful to fill out all of the Item Specifics. Yes, It’s a tedious process, but the more completely you fill these out, the higher eBay’s search engine will rank your listing in search results. So, it is definitely a worthwhile thing to do.

  • Have more auctions of shorter duration. The reasoning behind this is that even with the new eBay Cassini search engine, listings ending soonest will be elevated in search results for Best Match. This way, you also get more exposure for the shoppers who search by Ending Soonest, too.

  • Use an email signature. You can opt in to do this on eBay and you might be surprised at how much it will help your sales. As a rule of thumb, use 6-8 lines that describe briefly what you sell and include a link to your eBay store. You can set it up so that this signature is added automatically to every email you send on eBay.

  • Take advantage of the free eBay Research Labs tool called BayEstimator that can help you write better titles that should generate more click throughs for you. It’s a handy tool and you can learn a lot about what search words within your niche are trending and hot.

These tips and tools can help you become a successful eBay dropship seller, so get started today!

Dropship Tips: Use Best SEO Practices to Boost eBay Sales!


SEO tips eBay dropshipYou can have a thriving, successful business on eBay as a dropship seller, especially if you use best SEO practices!

Using SEO on eBay is just as critical as using it anywhere else for ecommerce. This is something that many eBay sellers tend to overlook and they pay for this oversight with less sales and profits. If you simply take a little time to familiarize yourself with best SEO practices for eBay and then implement them---you will be amply rewarded with more income!

These tips and tricks are not at all difficult and even newbie eBay dropship sellers can master them quickly.


SEO Tips for eBay

Use these SEO tips for more eBay dropship sales.

  • Your Title: eBay now allows up to 70 characters in the title. You should use at least two, preferably three, of your main keywords and make them as close to the beginning of the title as you can.

  • Your Descriptions: Use at least 200 words for your eBay descriptions and apply your keywords strategically, especially in the first sentence. Don’t over do it, though. Using such tactics as bolding and italicizing keywords is also quite helpful.

  • Feed Google: Just like any other ecommerce endeavor, Google will reward eBay dropship sellers who provide it with fresh, relevant content. Have a Facebook Fan Page for your eBay items, tweet about them, start an account on Pinterest….the more you do to provide content about your eBay listings, the better your chances of having Google and the other search engines find you and boost your ranking in search results pages.

  • About Me Page: If you don’t already have one, do have an About Me page on eBay. This is not only a way to connect on a more personal level with your customers, but a way to furnish content and good SEO. Use plenty of links to your eBay store items and listings. Google and the other search engines love links and they will prove helpful to you by providing more SEO.

  • Update Keywords: It’s a good idea to update your eBay keywords about every two or three months. eBay itself will generate keywords for your store, but you should change and update them from time to time. Don’t know how to do this? You can find your eBay store keywords by looking at “Marketing Tools” and “Search Engine Keywords.”

  • Category Names: When choosing category names for your eBay store items, use ones with your keywords. For example, if you are selling lingerie, use each specific type you sell as its category name---corset, nightgown, girdle, and so on. This will greatly enhance your chances of having your dropship items found when an eBay shopper performs a search for a specific item you have in your store.

Using best SEO practices for your eBay dropship store items and listings can prove quite beneficial to boosting traffic and sales. Use these techniques to beef up your eBay SEO and watch traffic and dropship sales improve!

Dropshippers: 5 Proven Ways to Boost eBay Sales!

eBay dropshippersIf you are one of the many dropshippers on eBay, you might be interested in picking up a few tips for boosting traffic and sales to your listings.

After all, more traffic and sales converts to more money and who doesn’t want that, right? Have you ever heard anybody in ecommerce say, “No, really, I don’t want to make more money?”

Of course not. Making money is a good thing and eBay dropshippers are generally in favor of getting their share of it.

Here are 5 tried and true, proven ways to boost traffic and sales for eBay dropshippers:

I. Use Cross Promotion with Other Sellers

Some eBay sellers are hesitant to do this because they fear they will lose sales. But, when you cross promote your items with other sellers, you increase your visibility and widen your sphere of influence on the site because those other sellers are showing your items, too. It’s a case of one hand washing the other and it does work, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

II. Start an eBay Newsletter

You have free email marketing with newsletters, so take advantage of it and actively solicit subscriptions from customers as well as looky loos. Offer an incentive of some kind. You don’t have to give away the store, but make it worth someone’s while to opt-in to your email list. Please note that this is available to eBay store owners only, but hopefully you already have a store. Which brings us to our next tip.

III. Have an eBay Store

The Basic eBay Stores subscription is a mere $15.95 a month. Since the Spring Seller Update, if you agree to keep your store for a year, instead of on a month to month basis, you get the benefit of 150 free listings every month. This is nothing to sneeze at! Do the math and figure what you would pay for listing auctions for items with a starting price of, say, $34.99. You’re looking at $0.75 per listing fee. If the item doesn’t sell, you can relist and get a credit if it doesn’t sell the second go round. But, if it doesn’t, you’re out double listing fees. Ouch!

IV. Use Best Practices SEO

Many sellers don’t understand the importance of SEO for eBay drop shippers and others. In fact, keywords are vitally important! If you fail to use your prime keywords in your titles and descriptions, your rankings in eBay Best Match search will not be as high as they could be. As with any other search engine, the higher you are in search results, the better off you because more shoppers see your listings. If they don’t see your items, they’re unlikely to buy them, right?

V. Ask For the Sale

This is yet another area where a common misconception abounds for eBay dropshippers and other sellers. Any seasoned sales person understands the importance and effectiveness of simply asking someone to buy. If you haven’t tried it, start including a call to action at the end of every one of your descriptions and watch your sell through rate go up. For instance, if your dropshipping flash drives, end your description with something like this: “Why risk losing all of your important data? Back it up with a flash drive!” It’s easy. Just ask for the sale.

Dropshippers and other eBay sellers can use these 5 tips to help boost traffic and sales!

Dropship News: Looking Around for an eBay Alternative?

dropship ebay alternativesIf you have a home dropship business, the latest batch of changes on eBay might have you looking around for a viable alternative.

The Spring Seller Update might be somewhat beneficial to smaller sellers or those who sell fairly low priced items, but for the sellers who deal in large volume and higher priced products---it’s another fee hike. A big one!

One thing this update has accomplished, it seems, it to put paid to the prevailing rumor of the past few years that eBay is making a concerted effort to get rid of small sellers, since this update actually gives them a bit of a break.

But, if you are in the group of dropship sellers who prefer to sell pricey goods, you will soon see your fees shooting up….again.

Many beleaguered eBay sellers are swearing that this latest change is the proverbial last straw and are actively seeking another online marketplace to move their dropship sales business.

So, are there any eBay alternatives?


There are alternatives, although some simply do not have the traffic that flows through eBay. Let’s take a look at your options available for eBay alternatives:

  • Amazon---This humongous marketplace is bigger and some say better than eBay. Amazon has continued to see massive sales growth during the past few years when eBay either remained stagnant or went backward. There are strict rules and policies for sellers on Amazon and the fees are about the same as eBay. But, you would have the advantage of more traffic, which would translate to more sales. So, the fees would probably be worth it.

  • Bonanza---This is a friendly site that has experienced much growth. However, it is still not getting the kind of traffic that the two giants--eBay and Amazon---get. Still, the fees are very low and if you have a hot enough niche and have been wise enough to build up a large opt-in newsletter subscription list of your customers on eBay, you might be able to take a lot of business with you. eBay wouldn’t like this but so far haven’t been able to prevent sellers from getting the email addresses of buyers from Paypal. This may be yet to come as eBay appears to be increasingly paranoid about buyers and sellers having any contact whatsoever. For now, though, you are free to harvest those email addys and run to the eBay alternative of your choice, announcing the move with a bulk email newsletter.

  • Ebid---This one is sort of like eBay’s little brother and has quite a bit to offer, even if it can’t match Big Brother’s traffic. The traffic is lower, but so are the fees. Some ex-eBay sellers are reporting good luck on this site.

  • eCrater---This eBay alternative is gaining in popularity and has a very user friendly interface for sellers. One big plus is that all items are added to the Google Product Search, something that isn’t possible with eBay anymore since their apparent falling out with Google. Buyers can also use Google Wallet at checkout if you want to get away from Paypal, and the fees are a little lower than Paypal.

  • OnlineAuction---This site offers an $8 monthly membership and no listing or final value fees, plus you can add a link to your own website, something eBay has prohibited for quite some time.

If you’re fed up to the gills with the constant policy changes and fee hikes, there are eBay alternatives for your dropship business!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

How to Attract Buyers on eBay: Dropshipping Sales Tips

dropshipping eBayAnyone who wants to work from home with an ecommerce business might be interested in a few dropshipping sales tips about how to attract buyers on eBay.

Although the internet has opened up the whole world as a consumer market to ecommerce entrepreneurs---a huge improvement over a traditional brick and mortar store where you depend mostly on local traffic---the fact is that the World Wide Web is a big, big place. So, if you want to make sales, you must devise ways to drive traffic to your site or listings.

A steady flow of traffic is what makes sales, since without potential customers to see what you have to offer, your home business cannot prosper and you won’t be able to earn a comfortable living.

When you sell on a giant online marketplace such as eBay or Amazon, you have an advantage when it comes to traffic because both of these sites have an enormous stream of global traffic 24/7, which will be a big help to you. That being said, you still need to work on ways to attract eBay viewers to your dropshipping products.

Here are some tips to help attract eBay buyers:

  • Write great titles! Your title and your gallery photo are the first thing shoppers see as they scroll through eBay listings. You need to make your title one that instantly grabs a viewer’s attention and incites interest in your dropshipping listing, so that a shopper will click through to see all of the details. Use good SEO in your eBay titles, trying to keep your main keywords as close to the front of the title as possible. For example, if you are dropshipping classical music CDs, use the keyword phrase “Classical Music CD” as the beginning of your title, going on to say what composer it is and other pertinent info.

  • Have great images! Your eBay images are crucial if you want to attract buyers, so make sure they are large enough and that they are clear and accurately depict the item. If at all feasible, don’t use the stock image from your wholesale products source’s website. Instead, obtain one of every dropshipping product you are selling on eBay and take your own photos. Get multiple views so that buyers can see the product fully. Images are vitally important with ecommerce because shoppers are unable to really see the item and must depend on photos and descriptions.

  • Write fantastic descriptions! Your descriptions should be written as though there are no photos. Be sure to include all pertinent info about your dropshipping products. For example, if you are selling lingerie, be sure to have the size, the measurements, materials and anything else that would help the shopper make an informed buying decision and pull the trigger on the sale. Use SEO to its best advantage in your descriptions.

  • Provide excellent customer service so that you are a Top Rate Seller. This will give you a boost in the notorious eBay Best Match search. The higher up your ranking in search, the more eBay shoppers who will see your dropshipping listings.

  • Free shipping will give you a boost in search ranking, as will a 14 day return policy. Factor the amount of shipping into your sale price and that way you don’t lose any money. eBay charges Final Value Fees now on shipping costs, anyway, so you might as well build the cost into your sale price and attract more buyers.

Use these dropshipping sales tips to attract more buyers on eBay and have a profitable home ecommerce business!

Start a Profitable Home Dropship Business with eBay’s Free Listings!

dropship ebayIf you have ever wanted to start a profitable home dropship business, now is the time with eBay’s free listings!

A home dropship business is one of the quickest and easiest of all ecommerce enterprises to get off the ground and running, making money fast. It’s one of the best opportunities around for anyone who wants to get away from a job they despise and work from home.

The dropship business model has much to offer wanna be ecommerce entrepreneurs and eBay is a great place to make money, with its enormous amount of global traffic passing through the site 24/7. Realistically speaking, you couldn’t possibly hope to draw the kind of traffic that eBay attracts and if you go about it right, you can successfully divert some of that traffic to your own dropship product listings.

While eBay has always been a viable venue for a dropship business, now that this giant online marketplace has started offering free listings, it’s even better!

Up until now, you paid a fairly high price to list auction style, plus a hefty Final Value Fee for each item sold. Fixed Price listings, while not costing as much in listing fees, incurred a higher Final Value Fee than auction style listings. If you listed in the auction format and your item didn’t sell, you had the option of relisting and not having to pay another listing fee if your item sold the second time around. If not, you were charged for both runs.


Nowadays, though, eBay has decided to make things a little easier on the pocketbooks of sellers by not charging any listing fees under certain circumstances. Let’s take a look at the new eBay set up for listing fees, as shown on the eBay website:

“Starting today—for sellers without an eBay Stores subscription—your 50 FREE listings* per month can be Auction style or Fixed Price. You pay a final value fee only when your item sells. Final value fees have been streamlined to just one flat rate of 10%—regardless of how you sell. You also get a FREE listing scheduler for more control over when your listings start and end!

Selling or planning to sell more than 50 per month? An eBay Store may be the best choice for you. Starting May 1, with an eBay stores subscription you’ll get between 150 -2,500 FREE listings* a month, final value fees from 4-9%, and access to a wealth of great marketing tools to help you grow your business! Best of all, subscriptions start as low as $15.95 a month for a yearly Store subscription. Learn more about everything eBay Stores have to offer.

Note: As a part of today’s fee update, any remaining of the 50 free Auction-style listings allotted on April 1 to sellers paying standard fees (no eBay Stores subscription) will expire, and new allotment of 50 free Auction-style or fixed price listings will be granted for the remainder of the month of April.

* Pay no insertion fees for your allotted free listings per calendar month. Optional fees, including advanced listing upgrades and supplemental service fees, still apply. Pay final value fees only when you sell. Motors Vehicles, Real Estate, Heavy Equipment, Concession Trailers & Carts, Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment and Commercial Printing Presses are excluded. 12 free pictures does not apply to Motors Vehicles listings. Terms are subject to change.”

Now, there are several points in here that should be touched on because they’re important.

First of all, of course, is that paying no listing fees takes the financial risk out of listing your dropship items. During slow times, sellers can rack up a lot of fees and sell fewer items than usual. You should also note the free scheduler, because up until this change, scheduling an auction cost $0.10. Maybe that doesn’t sound like much, but hey---pennies make dollars!

If you list in two categories, you will pay a listing fee for the second. If you add special features such as Gallery Plus, you will pay the standard fee for those. Some categories are excluded from the free listings:

  • Motor Vehicles
  • Real Estate
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Concession Trailers & Carts
  • Imaging Aesthetics Equipment
  • Commercial Printing Presses

These categories are not likely to apply to a dropship seller.

If you’re tired of spending your life making money for somebody else and want to start a home business, start a profitable home dropship business with eBay’s free listings!

Tips For Finding the Best Dropship Products to Sell on eBay

dropship eBayDo you want to start a profitable home business in ecommerce and in need of a few tips for finding the best dropship products to sell on eBay?

eBay is a humongous online marketplace with a tremendous amount of global traffic flowing through the site 24/7. If you are just getting started in ecommerce, you couldn’t reasonably expect to drive the amount of traffic that passes through this giant venue, so it’s a good choice for beginners.

eBay might remain a good choice for you, or you might decide somewhere down the road that you would prefer to build your own website. Or, you may opt for a turnkey online store such as ProStores.

For now, though, to get started making sales and money quickly with a home dropship business, eBay is a safe bet for you. Your eBay success as a dropship seller will largely depend on the niche you choose, so it is vitally important to select a niche with products that are in high demand on eBay.

If there is a large consumer demand for a widget, and you supply that demand, you have an almost sure fire formula for success!

Here are some tips for finding the best dropship products to sell on eBay:

  • Check the Google Keyword Tool and do a search for a product you are thinking of dropshipping on eBay. This will provide you with the number of global searches performed for this product every month. If it is a high number, go to the head of the class---you have found a great performer to dropship on eBay. If it is a low number….keep looking, it’s a loser.

  • Scope out eBay itself as regards dropship products you are considering selling. You can simply find the category for the product in question and then search the completed listings to see how many there were, how ell they sold and the average selling price. This is good info and can help you pick a winner.

  • Find a reputable wholesale dropship product source, preferably one with brand name products, and browse their selection of products available to you for dropshipping. Any time you can dropship a famous brand name product you are one step ahead of the game because the majority of customers will buy a well known brand name before a generic no name product. Be sure to choose a wholesale product source who will give you genuine wholesale prices, low enough that you will have an ample margin for profit on every sale.

  • Finding the best dropship products to sell on eBay also might mean finding products that aren’t overflowing with competition. The less competition you have, the better---as long as it is a hot niche with enough potential customers to provide you with plenty of sales for a profitable home business. So, to find the best products, sometimes you may need to drill down within a broad niche to locate and develop a lucrative sub-niche that doesn’t have quite as many competitors.

Once you find the best dropship products for eBay, start selling them and living the good life with your own home business!

How to Find Hot Niche Products for eBay Dropshipping

eBay dropshippingIf you have a regular job that you would love to quit, in favor of working from home in your own business, you might be interested in getting the scoop on how to find hot niche products for eBay dropshipping.

eBay and Amazon are the two giant marketplaces and both have an enormous amount of global traffic 24/7. If you decide that you would prefer to go with eBay, you can count on reaping at least some of the benefits of this traffic.

While it would be nice to have your own website---and eventually you might do that---if you are just getting started in ecommerce, you would be well advised to stick with eBay as you couldn’t reasonably hope to drive that much traffic to your online store initially.

Now, how do you find hot niche products for eBay dropshipping? How do you know which products are likely to sell like hotcakes and which are liable to sit there and stagnate because nobody wants them?

These are weighty questions, since your success as an eBay dropship seller will largely depend on your niche. If there is a demand for your products, sufficient to keep you in plenty of sales, you are one step ahead of the game and can expect to do well and make money.

If there isn’t a demand for your products that is enough to sustain your business, your eBay career will tank.

Here are some tips to help you find hot niche products for eBay dropshipping:

  • Go through the various eBay categories and check to see the completed listings in each one that you think might work for your dropshipping sales. If you see page after page of listings that show red for the selling price, this means that those items didn’t sell and you had better move on to something else, because if the product isn’t selling for other sellers on eBay, chances are it won’t sell for you, either. When you find products with a lot of green numbers for the selling price, which denotes items that sold, then you can take a better look at these high performance products that are selling well on eBay.

  • Use the Google Keyword Tool (it’s free) to see how many global searches are performed monthly for a particular product. If there are a lot of searches, this tells you that a lot of people are actively looking to buy this product and that it may be a hot niche product for eBay dropshipping. For example, if you enter the keyword phrase “silver jewelry” and see that about 2 million searches were performed globally for it in a month---you know that there is a big consumer demand for silver jewelry.

  • Going back to plain Google, the search engine, do a search for the sales stats for the product you are considering dropshipping on eBay. You may not be able to find this info and if you can’t, this isn’t a good sign. The hot products and niches will almost certainly have this data compiled. For example, if you are thinking of dropshipping digital cameras on eBay, search Google to get the sales stats for 2012 on global digital camera sales. If those stats are high---you’ve found a winner.

These tips will help you know how to find hot niche products for eBay dropshipping!

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