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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: How to Lessen Shopping Cart Abandonment

lessen dropship shopping cart abandonmentShopping cart abandonment is a big hole in your ecommerce sales bucket for online dropship sales in a home business.

If you are doing analytics of your conversion rate, you have probably already discovered that many people back out after adding something to their shopping carts and leave without completing the checkout process. This not only hurts your bottom line, but it also hurts your ranking with Google and the other major search engines since your conversion rate will influence your standing in the SERPs, or Search Engine Ranking Pages. The higher your conversion rate, the higher your ranking will be provided you’re doing everything else right.

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So, it is critical to try and minimize your losses from abandoned shopping carts.

Here are a few simple steps that should help you cut down on this very common problem:

  • Never require shoppers to register with your dropship website before completing checkout. Naturally, you will need to get a billing and shipping address, but leave it at that until the purchase has been made and duly paid for. Trying to gouge too much too soon from consumers will often cause them to go away right then and there.

  • Let people know that yours is a secure website and it is safe to divulge their personal and financial information. This is a very common concern with many online shoppers and really---who could blame them? Prominently display your security seals and Better Business Bureau emblems, too, if applicable. Reassuring shoppers that your dropship sales site is safe and secure will go a long way toward minimizing shopping cart abandonment.

  • Keep the entire checkout process as streamlined and user friendly as possible. Don’t force shoppers to clear one confusing hurdle after another to buy from you. Do show a progress bar at the top of each section of checkout, showing people exactly where they are in the process and how many more steps they need to take to complete a purchase.

These simple tips will help to minimize abandoned shopping carts and boost profits for your dropship home business.

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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: 3 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

increase dropship profitsIf you have a dropship or other ecommerce business, you are probably always receptive for ways to increase online sales!

After all, sales mean profits and isn’t that what it’s all about? You may have heard that the Hokey Pokey is what it’s all about and it may be in some areas; but not for ecommerce dropship sales.

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The bottom line for online sales really is your bottom line, or your profit after all operating expenses have been deducted. The more sales you make, the more profit you make.

So, let’s look at 3 ways to increase your sales and boost your profits:

1. Your Home Page and Landing Pages are crucial! Make sure that they follow through on your promise. In other words, if a visitor clicked on your link about salt water aquariums, then follow through with that instead of showing a page about something else entirely. This frustrates and annoys many visitors and they’re liable to hit the back button rather than try to ferret out where you’ve cleverly hidden what they came to your site to find.

2. Navigation is critical to online sales! Make sure that all of your links are functioning properly and that your site is easy to search and well laid out. Always include a Search box! Websites that don’t allow a visitor to search for what they want are shooting themselves in the foot because this is another situation that will cause a potential customer to leave. Allow for misspellings, too, as well as variations of the word or phrase the visitor has entered into the Search box.

3. Your checkout process will make or break your business! Keep it fast and simple. You want to keep your shopper focused on completing a purchase. Create a sales “funnel” that will direct the shopper through each step of the buying process. Avoid asking for too much info! Yes, you’d like to get them opted in to your email subscription list, but first things first. The first and foremost thing is to make that sale. Anything else is just gravy.

These three simple ways to increase online dropship sales can help you have a thriving, successful business with plenty of profit!

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Camping Gear Drop-Shippers: Take Advantage of Summertime Sales!

camping gear drop-shippersWhile it’s true that some hardy souls brave the elements and go on camping trips year round, summertime is probably the best time to make extra sales for camping gear drop-shippers.

Some people really like to rough it and will trek as far into the wilderness and away from civilization as they can possibly get. These types of campers are often exceedingly minimalistic in their camping gear, sometimes making do with a basic tent, sleeping bag and the barest essentials of cooking supplies.

Others consider a luxury motor home or big Winnebago camper roughing it and will pack everything under the sun for their camping trips into the Great Outdoors, which will have to be a campground with laundry facilities, electric and water hook-ups, plus a swimming pool and a few other amenities.

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Regardless of which type a camper may be, the bottom line is that there will still have to be some essentials taken along, and that’s where you come in with camping gear drop-shippers sales.

What are Some Examples of Camping Gear for Drop-Shippers?

  • Tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • Camping pots and pans
  • Camping flatware
  • Water jugs and bottles
  • Camp stoves
  • Ice chests
  • Tote bags
  • Ground sheets
  • Screened tents for eating
  • Insect repellent
  • Lanterns
  • Portable showers
  • Backpacks
  • Camp chairs
  • Camp folding tables
  • First aid kits
  • And much more

The sky is the limit when it comes to camping gear drop-shippers sales because you can sell so many products that will be used a lot of campers!

As with any other niche, you make your money when you buy---not when you sell.

So, be sure to choose a wholesale dropship product source such as Drop Ship Access that offers true wholesale prices. The lower the price of a product when you buy for resale, the more profit you can put in your pocket when you sell it.

Some dropship sources claim to give you wholesale prices, but when you get right down to it, you’re paying retail or too close to retail prices to come out ahead.

Dropship Access even has a Low Price Guarantee!

You can be confident of getting the best prices and the best, high quality products when you buy camping gear for drop-shippers from a trusted, reputable product source like Drop Ship Access.

Check out the fantastic selection of camping gear for drop-shippers now at Drop Ship Access and you’ll be a happy camper yourself when the money starts rolling in!

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7 Tips for Writing a Call to Action That Will Boost Dropship Sales

call to action dropship salesIf you have a dropship business or other ecommerce enterprise, you might appreciate getting some handy tips on writing an effective call to action that will boost sales!

A call to action is one of the most important elements of your entire business!

Once you master the art of how to incorporate a strong, clear call to action into your content, it will stand you in good stead for the entire life of your dropship or other sales career---online or off.

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Here are 7 tips to help you craft a great call to action:

1. Pave the way! You can’t just pounce on people and ask for the sale before laying some groundwork. For instance, first identify the problem, then explain why your product is the solution to that problem. Tell the viewer about the benefits of responding to your call to action.

2. Limit choices! You don’t want to muddy the water by confusing shoppers on your dropship website with too many choices. A good rule of thumb is to confines choices to be all actions that you want the viewer to make. For example: “Buy now and checkout” or “Add to cart and continue shopping” or something along that line.

3. Create a sense of urgency! Use phrases such as “Limited Time Only” or “Only 22 Left in Stock! Buy Now!” or “Buy Now and Get Free Shipping!”
The idea is to provide a strong motivation for the shopper not to do what comes naturally---procrastinate.

4. Make your call to action stand out! It’s best to leave some space around your call to action. If it’s too cluttered all around it, this produces distractions that will divert the viewer’s attention away from where you want it; which is focused on your asking for the sale, thus increasing profits for your online dropship business.

5. Sweeten the pot! Sometimes, if shoppers are balanced right on the cusp of buying or not buying, simply throwing in a little extra will tip the scales in your favor. It needn’t be anything expensive. You might offer a free e-book on something interesting or informative, for instance.

6. Supersize it! Just as with burgers, fries and soft drinks at a fast food joint, it helps to supersize your call to action. Make it big! Make it bold, too, with a contrasting color to the rest of the page content! Grab a viewer’s attention and make your call to action impossible to miss.

7. Keep it simple and user friendly! Tempting though it may be to mine for data such as date of birth, email address and more---don’t! The average internet consumer will not jump through multiple hoops to buy from you. If they are ready to buy, direct them to that step as concisely and quickly as possible. Dilly dally or dither around too much and they’re gone.

Use these simple tips to write great calls to action that will boost your dropship business sales!

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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Want to Make Money? Ask For the Sale!

call to action dropship salesOne of the most often overlooked but critical steps many ecommerce entrepreneurs, including those with dropship businesses, is to simply ask for the sale.

Asking potential customers to buy is an old and venerable, time-tested principle of being successful in sales that has been around for many years and proven its worthiness time after time.

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Regardless of what industry you are in, selling wholesale dropship products or another ecommerce or traditional business endeavor; if you have a product or service that you want people to buy---you will almost always have to ask them to buy it.

Why is this so?

Because the average person will procrastinate about buying something, even if it is something they really want or need. Given a choice and without a nudge in the right direction, most will follow the Scarlett O’Hara philosophy of “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

W. Clement Stone founded a multi-billion dollar industry in the insurance business using the principle of asking for the sale, plus other equally effective techniques.

Stone, author of the renowned book “The Success System That Never Fails,” was a proponent of asking for the sale. All of his agents were trained to follow this practice. In fact, they were given a sales talk to memorize that ended with the simple call to action: “May I write one for you also? May I?”

Sound corny?

Think again. It works!

W. Clement Stone, for example, began life on the poor side of South Chicago. His father died when he was only three, leaving his mother to eke out a living for herself and Stone by working as a dressmaker.

He dropped out of high school to join his mother in Detroit in an insurance agency she had started. She stayed in the office; he got out and made cold calls in the business district, door to door.

One short year later in 1919---still a teenager---Stone founded the Combined Insurance Company of America. By 1930, he had more than 1000 field agents selling his policies all across the USA. In 2008, six years after his death at the age of 100, Combined Insurance Company was sold to ACE Limited for $2.56 billion.

Did asking for the sale work for him? Obviously, it did.

Your dropship website might have the snazziest graphics and award worthy web design, the brightest and best product descriptions and images, and the lowest prices on the hottest selling products on the World Wide Web.

But, regardless of how brilliant your copywriting may be, if you fail to ask for the sale with a loud, clear call to action, you are leaving money on the table over and over again as prospective customers who are almost to the point of pulling the trigger on a purchase fizzle out and leave your dropship site without buying.

So, if your dropship sales are lagging and you don’t understand why, or if they’re okay but you’d naturally like to sell even more, take a good look at your content and make sure it includes calls to action.

Ask for the sale!

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Are You Building Brand Power for Your Ecommerce Dropship Business?

brand building dropship businessAre you proactive about building your brand to help promote and grow your ecommerce dropship business?

If not---you should be!

Brand building is extremely important and can play a vital role in increasing sales and profits in your online business.

Many ecommerce “netrepreneurs” mistakenly think that their business is too small to worry much about brand building. This is not true. You don’t have to be running with the Big Dogs of retail or e-tail to benefit from building brand power.

In fact, all of your marketing efforts…social media, email newsletters, promotions, contests; the whole enchilada…should include techniques that help develop brand recognition for your home dropship business.

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Here are a few tips for building your brand:

  • Make your business easy to find: It’s a bit hard to build your brand if nobody ever sees you. So, do all that you can do with best SEO practices, great content that is fresh and updated frequently, have a presence on the leading social sites and so on; everything to make sure your dropship business can be easily found.

  • Make your brand memorable: This is perhaps the most significant part of building brand recognition! It’s one area where you should most certainly dare to be different. Think outside the box. Be quirky, funny, dramatic, shocking---whatever it takes to make people remember your brand in a good way. This approach will work miracles for you in brand building if you take some time to do it right. Creativity not your strong suit? Hire a freelancer to come up with something unique and unforgettable. It will be an investment that will net you big dividends over time!

  • Make yourself an authority and a problem solver within your niche. Be the go-to source for expert advice, solutions, products and/or services for your niche and see how quickly your brand recognition will spread, along with your reputation.

Building your brand is like money in the bank, so make sure you allocate enough time to incorporate it into your dropship business routine!

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Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Wholesale Dropship Business

improve conversion rate dropship wholesaleWould you be interested in learning a few tricks to help increase your wholesale dropship  business conversion rate?

First of all, for those who are brand new to ecommerce and as yet unfamiliar with all of the internet speak and techno jargon: what is a conversion rate?

Simply put, a conversion rate is the amount of visitors who land on your website that end up being customers. They come, they look, they buy. The ones who visit and then leave without buying hurt your conversion rate.

Why is this important?

First and foremost, it’s important because for every visitor to your wholesale dropship products website who exits without making a purchase---you lose money.

No sale = no money.

Besides that, Google penalizes for low conversion rates and rewards you with higher ranking in SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages.

Higher ranking in SERPs = more traffic and more money.

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So, a high conversion rate is extremely important! Here are 5 tips to help you boost your conversion rate:

1. One of the biggest reasons online shoppers hesitate or back out completely before making a purchase is worry about the safety and security of their personal and financial information. Display your safety and trust seals prominently so that visitors feel reassured that it’s safe to shop on your website.

2. Display contact information where it may be easily seen. This is another way of reassuring visitors about your credibility and that you aren’t some fly by night, here today and gone tomorrow outfit.

3. Offer multiple payment options. Allow shoppers to pay by e-check, Paypal, or credit cards. You should also give buyers the option of mailing a paper check. For shoppers who simply cannot make the hurdle of shopping online due to fear for their privacy, being able to mail a check might make the difference between making or losing a sale.

4. Make sure your Return Policy is easily seen to visitors. People feel a lot safer when considering an online purchase if they know they will be able to return it if it doesn’t work for them. Remember that with online sales, it’s harder for buyers because they are unable to see or inspect the wholesale dropship product in real life.

5. Check out your competition every now and then. They may be implementing some great ideas that would be just as beneficial for your business as for theirs.

Try these tips to increase your wholesale dropship products conversion rate!

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How to Write a Great About Me Page for Your Dropship Website

About Me page dropship businessWhy is it important to have a great About Me page for your dropship website?

There are several valid reasons, all of them good, but perhaps the most important reason is that it gives you a chance to tell visitors who you are and what your business is all about.

People like to know these things and the info enhances a feeling of safety and security on your website. Internet research has shown that anything you can do to make potential customers feel more safe and secure, the better off you are and the higher your conversion rate will be in your ecommerce dropship business sales.

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Here are a few tips to help you write a great About Me or About Us page, such as the case may be:

  • Page structure is important. The first paragraph needs to be a brief summary of your business. Keep it short, sweet and to the point. Most visitors won’t read beyond this first paragraph, so pack as much information into it as possible, as concisely as possible. Your second paragraph can expand on the info provided in the first. The third needs to furnish content that backs up what you’ve said in the first two paragraphs. This can be videos, customer testimonials, your article, etc. Last but not least---provide contact info.

  • Don’t make your About Me page bone dry. Yes, it should be professional but be friendly and even chatty, addressing the reader as you would in a face to face conversation with a friend.

  • Be honest. If you falsify claims about your experience, expertise, education, credentials and so forth, you will inevitably be caught out and your credibility is blown forever. So tell the truth!

  • Update your About Me page as needed. Chances are it won’t be static forever, so be sure to include important changes as they come along.

Having a well written About Me page is an invaluable opportunity to win friends and influence people while gaining customers for your online dropship business!

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A Good Return Policy can Boost Dropship Products Sales

return policy dropship productsWould you buy dropship products that had a No Return Policy, or a Return Policy that was so buyer unfriendly it sets your teeth on edge just to read it?

Probably not.

Neither will a lot of other people. This is especially true for shoppers on the internet simply because when buying online, a person is unable to actually see or inspect the product in real life.

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So, a good Return Policy can be critical to your sales conversion ratio!

Having a great Return Policy reassures potential buyers on at least two levels:

  1. It tells them that if they are dissatisfied or have a problem with the product, you won’t hang them out to dry.
  2. It lets prospective customers know that you are confident about the quality of what you are selling.
When you stop and think about it, what kind of message does it send out to shoppers if you fail to offer to accept returns? This indicates that you have reason to believe your dropship products are shoddy, not as advertised or just worthless in general and that you assume most buyers won’t be happy with a purchase they make from you.

This really inspires confidence, doesn’t it?


Here are some tips to writing a great Return Policy:

  • Forget the legal-speak. If you wrap your Return Policy up in so many big legal sounding words and terms that the average person can’t understand them, you can count on losing sales. Keep it simple, reader friendly and to the point.

  • Forget trying to force buyers to use a Return Merchandise Authorization. This is a total pain for the average customer and serves no practical purpose. Besides that, the law says that if you open a package, you have accepted a return. So, opening a package and failing to find an RMA in there does not constitute a valid or legal reason to refuse to refund on returned merchandise.

  • Forget negativity! Use friendly wording in the terms of your Return Policy. Avoid hostile and negative sounding comments such as “We will refuse” or “We are not responsible” and more along that line. Some merchants will include a clause in the Return Policy that they are not responsible for items that are not delivered, for example. First of all, yes they are. Secondly, why should the customer have to pay for something that was misdelivered or lost in the mail? Insurance is your responsibility. Make sure to insure each package if the value is more than you want to cover out of pocket in the event that it fails to reach the buyer.

A friendly, easy to understand Return Policy can make or break a sale in your dropship products business!

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Fun in the Sun Dropship Water Sports Products are Money Makers!

water sports dropship productsIt’s Summertime, and the livin’ isn’t all that easy with the prices at the pump, but plenty of folks will still buy seasonal dropship water sports products for fun in the sun!

Whether you are a true believer in global warming or not, the fact is that the long days of summer can be sweltering! What is more refreshing on a hot summer day when the mercury is soaring up toward or past triple digits than to cool off in the water?

Be it a lake, swimming pool, wave or wading pool, ocean river, creek, stream or just the sprinkler---it sure does feel good to let that cool water cool you down.

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People flock to buy water sports dropship items in the summer season, and these seasonal products are money makers for sure!

Here are some suggestions for summer dropship water sports products you may want to consider stocking in your ecommerce store:

  • Swim Goggles
  • Swim Fins
  • Inflatable Boats
  • Inflatable Floats
  • Float Tubes
  • Inflatable Swimming Pools
  • Kayaks
  • Saltwater System for Swimming Pools
  • And Much More

If it involves having fun in the sun and water, consider it sellable!

Let People Know About Your Seasonal Sale!

This would be a great time to have a promotion and send out email marketing newsletters to those on your opt-in subscription list. If you are using Twitter, Facebook and/or other social sites, be sure to update with news of your promotion.

How about having a contest? A Fun in the Sun or similar theme is quite festive and lends itself well to a contest. You don’t have to give away the store, but you could offer a few decent prizes to contest winners such as a pair of swim goggles, a float or similar water sports item.

Almost everyone loves to win something, or even get a chance to win something, so contests are a fabulous marketing opportunity that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Having a seasonal contest or other promotion is also an excellent time to beef up your opt-in subscription list for email marketing.

So, get busy and check out some of the great dropship water sports products available at Drop Ship Access today and start making money right away!

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