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Tips for Spooktacular Halloween Dropship Business Sales

tips for dropship Halloween salesHalloween is just around the corner and this is your chance to scare up some spooktacular dropship business sales!

Savvy ecommerce entrepreneurs understand the value of holiday sales and how you can greatly boost your bottom line by offering the products online shoppers will be looking for to celebrate these festive occasions such as Halloween.

Here is a little piece of pertinent info you might not know about Halloween: It’s the third largest of the year. Yes! Not too shabby, right? Knowing this should make it crystal clear to you just how very lucrative Halloween dropship business sales could be!

Here are a few more juicy little tidbits about Halloween sales as predicted for 2012 from the NRF. (National Retail Federation)

  • A record 71.5% of Americans will take part in Halloween

  • Seven in 10 Americans (71.5%) will get into the haunting Halloween mood, up from 68.6 percent last year and the most in NRF’s 10-year survey history.

  • Consumers are expecting to spend more too; the average person will spend $79.82 on decorations, costumes and candy, up from $72.31 last year, with total Halloween spending expected to reach $8.0 billion.

And a quote that should further bolster your interest in Halloween dropship business sales:

“By the time Halloween rolls around each year it’s safe to say Americans have already spent two months preparing for one of the fastest-growing and most widely-loved holidays of the year,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “Retailers know that when it comes to Halloween, new costume ideas for children, adults and pets, and the latest in home and yard décor top people’s shopping lists. We expect retailers to stock their shelves well ahead of time to capture the attention of eager holiday shoppers.”

Here are a few tips to help you get a slice of this extremely profitable holiday pie this year:

  • Get started now! Although it may seem strange to think about Halloween product sales when the temps are still high in many parts of the country, the fact is that 52% of ecommerce sellers start their holiday sales preparations by or before Halloween. With such a large percentage of the population celebrating Halloween, you can bet that there will be early bird shoppers and you need to have something for them.

  • Plan your social media, email marketing, AdWords and other marketing you plan to use for Halloween dropship business sales. Get it all mapped out and then get started.

  • If you have your own website, decorate for Halloween! This will help to get shoppers in the holiday mood and do a lot to boost sales.

  • Plan for cross platform success by making sure your website or listings are all mobile friendly. Mobile shopping is rising at a rapid rate. In fact, it almost doubled from the 2011 holiday shopping season and last year’s, with this year’s sales expected to rise even more. Don’t lose business because your Halloween dropship business products are not mobile device accessible.

Use these tips for Spooktacular Halloween dropship business sales and you will have a healthier amount of profit at the end of the year!

Use Wholesale Dropship Products to Supplement Ecommerce Sales

wholesale dropship productsDid you know that you can use wholesale dropship products to supplement ecommerce sales?

You can! For instance, if you have your own website, or are an eBay or Amazon seller, or selling on any other online venue, you can easily use wholesale dropship products to boost your bottom line and increase profits.

How does this work? Well, let’s say that you are selling fishing lures and are doing a great business with them. People who love to go fishing and buy your lures are also likely to buy other fishing related products.

But, instead of stretching your budget or maybe even taking out a loan to buy more and different inventory, you could simply find a wholesale dropship product source and choose correlating products to sell along with the fishing lures.

In this way, you could use bundling, cross selling or upselling sales techniques to make more sales.

The success of this plan will largely depend on the wholesale product supplier you choose. If you select one that charges you basically retail prices, there is no way you will make any money since you can’t buy for resale at retail prices and then turn around and resell for retail prices and have any margin for profit at all.

So, here are some tips for finding a good wholesale product supplier if you want to source supplemental dropship items for your ecommerce business:

  • Be sure it is an established business, preferably a member of the Better Business Bureau. As fantastic as the internet truly is, the sad fact is that there are scammers who may take your money and run. So, check up and make sure the wholesale dropship product source you are thinking of dealing with is a well respected business.

  • Be sure that the products supplied by the wholesale product source are high quality. The last thing you want to do is send people inferior, shoddy, poorly made items that are liable to malfunction. Your reputation would be ruined in nothing flat and your ecommerce career would be over due to all the adverse publicity this would get you. It‘s a smart idea to buy one of every product you intend to sell, so that you can see the quality and workmanship for yourself.

  • Be sure the wholesale product source really does give you true wholesale prices. As mentioned above, this will be a huge factor in the success or failure of your plan to use wholesale dropship products to supplement your ecommerce sales. Paying too much up front will mean that you cannot hope to make enough of a profit on each sale to be worthwhile.

Using wholesale dropship products will be a boon to both you and your customers, since offering the chance to buy other products they need or want is a win-win situation of all concerned.

Thi8nk about what products you could offer your customers and then use wholesale dropship products to supplement your ecommerce sales!

How to Price Dropshipping Products for Maximum Profits

pricing dropship products for profitAnyone about to venture into the world of ecommerce might appreciate learning how to price dropshipping products for maximum profits.

There can be no doubt that ecommerce is the easiest way to start your own business and work from home online, and dropshipping takes this up a notch to make it even easier, faster and less costly.

The fact is that anybody who is willing to work hard can be tremendously successful with a home dropshipping business, but one of the main things you need to understand is how to price for profit.

First of all, let’s start with the number one, top and most important point about dropshipping and pricing for maximum profits---heads up:

You make your money when you buy, not when you sell.

If this doesn’t make any sense to you and you’re sitting scratching your head, wondering how you can possibly make money while you’re buying and spending money, it’s like this….the price you pay when you buy dropshipping products for resale will determine the amount of profits you are going to make from the sale of those products.

For example, if you want to dropship televisions and you pay your product supplier $400 each for them, then discover that the average retail sell through price for the model you are selling is only $400, how can you make any profits?

You won’t.

It wouldn’t matter if you sold 1,000 of these televisions a day; you are not going to come out ahead. In fact, by the time you cover your operating expenses such as website costs or maybe eBay or Amazon fees---you will be going in the hole.


So, the trick is to price your dropship products so that you can make plenty of profits on each sale. The only way to do that is to find a wholesale dropship product source who gives you genuine wholesale prices so that when you turn around and sell at retail prices, you make a goodly profit.

 Here are some tips on smart pricing:

  • Have a pricing strategy. For instance, you might have one or two products that are nothing but loss leaders. You know you aren’t going to make much of a profit on them, but that’s okay as long as you just break even because these loss leaders will lure shoppers to your listings or website and then they will hopefully buy other products, too, which you CAN make a healthy profit on. A good example of this is for eBay dropship sellers to have one famous name item starting at a very low bid, such as $0.99. This will get you a lot of traffic and potential customers for your other items. Don’t panic and think you’ll be paying big bucks and losing your shirt on these loss leaders because you can count on the going for the fair market value, no matter how low you started the bidding.

  • Use pricing intelligence, which in this case doesn’t refer to your IQ but to spying on your competition. Keep track of what your competitors are doing as far as pricing and then make sure you offer something that will offer customers just a little bit more. This might be expedited shipping, free shipping, etc. One word of caution: Do not try to get into a price war with your competitors. Nobody wins in a price war. Instead, beat them with better customer service or one of the strategies mentioned above.

Use these tips on how to price dropshipping products for maximum profits and start living large with your own home business!

5 FREE WordPress Plugins for Your Home Dropshipping Business

free Wordpress plugins dropshipping businessHow would you like to get 5 FREE WordPress plugins for your home dropshipping business?

First of all, if you are just starting out or about to start up an ecommerce home dropship business, you might be a little vague about what WordPress is and what it does. So, as so often is the case, we turn to our trusty friend Wikipedia---that free online encyclopedia and treasure trove of information---for a great explanation of WordPress:

“WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL which runs on a web hosting service. Features include a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by over 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system being used on the Web, powering over 60 million websites worldwide.

WordPress users may install and switch between themes. Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website or installation without altering the information content or structure of the site. Themes may be installed using the WordPress "Appearance" administration tool or theme folders may be uploaded via FTP. The PHP, HTML & CSS code found in themes can be added or edited for providing advanced features. Thousands of WordPress themes exist, some free, and some premium (paid for) templates.

WordPress also features integrated link management; a search engine–friendly, clean permalink structure; the ability to assign nested, multiple categories to articles; and support for tagging of posts and articles. Automatic filters are also included, providing standardized formatting and styling of text in articles (for example, converting regular quotes to smart quotes). WordPress also supports the Trackback and Pingback standards for displaying links to other sites that have themselves linked to a post or article.”

That gives you the bare bones of it, but there are scads more features such as widgets, multi-blog use and more that come with WordPress. It is important to note that WordPress, although a killer blogging platform, can also be used for ecommerce….which brings us to the meat of this article: free WordPress plugins for your ecommerce home dropship business.

So, without further ado, here are 5 free and wonderful WordPress plugins to use for your dropshipping business:

1. Catablog: This one is a free comprehensive and effortless tool that allows you to create catalogs, stores and galleries for your blog/dropshipping business. It is quite elegant and professional looking and allows you to catalog almost anything complete with images, descriptions---the whole enchilada---and share it through your dropship blog.

2. Branded Email: This handy freebie sends your dropshipping business logo on your WordPress generated emails. Yay! Free branding!

3. Fanplayr: This plugin allows you to monetize your social platforms such as Facebook by adding social coupons. It adds social game mechanics and challenges that people really like and it’s a win-win for everyone concerned.

4. Paypal Short Codes: If you don’t offer the ever popular Paypal as a payment method for your dropshipping business, you will miss a lot of sales! This plugin lets you insert Paypal buttons in your posts or page by means of a shortcode. You can define your email and currency in the Settings, too.

5. WP Ecommerce: Last but far from least, this free shopping cart plugin is a real workhorse for ecommerce that allows customers to buy your products, services and digital downloads online.

Ecommerce can make it possible for you to work from home and earn a great income, so get started now and use one or more of these FREE WordPress plugins for your own home dropshipping business!

6 Tips to Help Optimize Checkout & Increase Dropship Business Sales

checkout optimization dropship busienssIf you are like just about everybody else in ecommerce, you are always looking for ways to increase sales, so you might appreciate these 6 tips to help optimize checkout for your dropship business.

Checkout is critically important! In what is called the “sales funnel”, checkout is the place where a large percentage of shopping carts are abandoned and sales are lost. Therefore, if you want to have a high conversion rate and improve your chances of making more sales and money---streamline and tweak your checkout to be as good as it can possibly get.

Here are 6 tips that will help you have a champion checkout:

1. Stick with the essentials only. The cleaner and more focused you can keep your checkout page, the better. You should strive for simple, uncluttered and streamlined. No frills or extras for checkout. Just the bare necessities. This will not only speed up the process, it will help to keep the shopper focused on completing the purchase. Have as few steps as you possibly can from beginning to end of checkout.

2. Be sure to have a progress bar or indicator that shoppers can plainly see. This tells them where they are in the buying process and again---helps keep their eye on the ball, figuratively speaking.

3. Do not try to get shoppers to opt-in to your email marketing subscription list, provide their birthday, phone number or any other extraneous details. Yes, it would be nice to have that info, but it can wait until after checkout is complete and the sale is made. Don’t force anyone to register, either. Some people don’t want to go through all that and will leave without completing the sale, so allow people to checkout as a guest.

4. Offer multiple payment options. Paypal is highly popular and you might be surprised at how it could increase your sales if you allow shoppers to use it for checkout. Ditto for Google Wallet, although it isn’t as much in use as Paypal. People like Paypal because (a) it’s fast and (b) there is no need to enter all of their payment info because it is already there. You may also want to offer shoppers the option of paying by check or money order. Some consumers still prefer these traditional forms of payment.

5. According to internet research and KISSmetrics, http://blog.kissmetrics.com/shopping-cart-abandonment/  44% of online shoppers abandon a shopping cart because of shipping and handling fees. That’s a LOT! Nearly half if all shoppers, in fact. So, it would be a strategic move on your part to factor the shipping cost into your price and offer free shipping. This, in itself, would greatly increase sales!

6. One of the biggest obstacles ecommerce entrepreneurs must overcome is the doubt and insecurity many online shoppers feel about buying on the internet. To offset this problem, be sure to display your trust and safety symbols prominently on your checkout page. Ditto for your site security symbols. Show your SSL certificates and badges so that shoppers know their payment and personal data is secure. If you are a member of the BBB, display that symbol, as well. Building trust will play a huge part in reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Use these 6 tips to help optimize checkout and increase dropship business sales!

Start a Home Dropship Business: It's Easy as 1--2-3!

dropship business start upDid you know that you can start a home dropship business as easy as 1-2-3?

You can!

Anyone who is fed up with the same-old, same-old Daily Grind and longing to work from home, being their own boss with their very own business, can get a dropship business off the ground with a flying start and have money coming in literally right away!

No long wait as is the general rule of thumb for a traditional brick and mortar business. With a home dropship business, you can get your business up and running and start making sales immediately on the venue of your choice, especially if you go with a huge established online marketplace such as eBay or Amazon. But, we’ll get to that shortly.

Read on.

Let’s look at a few of the most common reasons a lot of people stay in low paying, high stress jobs that make them miserable even though they would love to make a break for financial and personal freedom with a home business of their own.

Can’t Afford to Wait for Income:

Many wannabe ecommerce entrepreneurs are afraid to take the plunge into their own home business because they can’t afford to go for a long period of time with no paycheck. But, as mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about that with a home dropship business because once you choose your niche and get lined up with a wholesale product source, you can list the products you want to sell with a click of your mouse. This means that you are in business and ready to make sales right away!

Afraid of Failure

Some people who are tired of making money for somebody else and would love to see the fruits of their labors in their own pocketbooks hold back because they are afraid of failure. While nobody can deny that failure is possible, even in a home dropship business, if you have good work ethics and realistic expectations of what ecommerce can do for you, you should be able to join the ranks of the many successful home drop shippers.

Don’t Know it’s Out There

A lot of people don’t make the break simply because they don’t know they can. They aren’t aware of the tremendous possibilities in a home dropship business.

Belief That They Need a Lot of Start Up Capital

Another very common cause of many folks holding back from starting a home business is that they have the mistaken idea it requires a lot of start up capital, but with dropshipping, this isn’t the case at all! You pay nothing up front for the products you sell and only pay your wholesale product supplier as each item is sold and your customer has paid you. So, no big investment to get started making money!

Now, here is how you can start a home dropship business and get it running, making money for you in nothing flat:

1. Choose your niche.

2. Find a reputable wholesale dropship product source.

3. Decide on a venue and list your items.

That’s it! Easy as pie and fast!

Don’t waste another day in a job you hate---starting a home dropship business is as easy as 1-2-3!

How to Dropship Plus Size Lingerie for Great Profits!

dropship plus size lingerieIf you are living for the day you can walk away from your regular job and start a home business. You might like to learn how to dropship plus size lingerie for great profits!

Lingerie is a fantastic niche straight across the board, and plus size lingerie is no exception to this general rule. The fact is that there is a wealth of opportunity in dropshipping plus size lingerie and a world of opportunity for maki9ng a very comfortable living from home if you go about it right.

First of all, let’s look at the plus size lingerie dropship niche to get a feel for exactly how lucrative it is.

Here are some interesting tidbits from PRWeb:

“The Lingerie Stores industry has benefited from the slow decline in the unemployment rate, which has boosted per capita disposable income, allowing consumers to increasingly purchase higher-end lingerie items. Moreover, plus-size intimate apparel has been another growth segment for the industry.

Over the next five years, conditions are set to improve for the Lingerie Stores industry. From 2012 to 2017, industry revenue is forecast to rise, Moldvay says. During this period, the unemployment rate is expected to slowly trend down, reaching 6.1% by 2017. With more favorable employment trends, per capita disposable income is expected to rise at an average annual rate of 2.3%, allowing consumers to increasingly splurge on higher-end lingerie items. The industry will, however, face increasing external competition from discount retailers, mass merchandisers and e-commerce retailers that are expected to continue expanding their lingerie lines.”

Plus size lingerie is a multi-billion dollar market and if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and work at it, you can get a nice slice of this super profitable pie!

Here are some tips to help you dropship plus size lingerie successfully:

  • First, determine what types of plus size lingerie products you want to dropship. There are scads of items available---everything from garter belts to bras to nightgowns and robes---so you may want to drill down within this broad niche to focus on a narrower sub-niche. On the other hand, you may not. If you happen to be one of those people who can’t stand the idea of leaving money on the table by not having a little something for everybody, then by all means go ahead and sell an assortment of plus size lingerie products.

  • Be sure to find a wholesale product source with high quality plus size lingerie. Your online reputation will hinge on the quality of the products you dropship, so it is imperative to make sure they are good. You should actually order a sample of each piece you plan to sell, just to see for yourself whether it is well made or not.

  • While you are shopping around for a dropship product source, be extra careful to deal with a reputable business with a proven track record, preferably a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau. Inquire about their business practices. For instance, does they company send out Low Inventory notices so that you don’t oversell? Do they ship promptly with the packaging discreet and secure? These things are vitally important to the success or failure of your home dropship business selling plus size lingerie.

  • Last bit certainly not least, be sure to get wholesale pricing from your dropship product supplier. If you don’t, there is no way you can possibly resell your plus size lingerie for enough money to garner a goodly profit for yourself. If you pay retail prices to your supplier, only one party in this arrangement will be making any money and it won’t be you.

Now you know how to dropship plus size lingerie for great profits, so don’t delay---get started now and leave that dreary job behind!

How to Make More Sales with Less Work: Dropship Home Business Tips

dropship tipsIf you would like to know how to make more sales with less work, you might appreciate these dropship home business tips that will put you on the road to working smarter instead of harder.

Ecommerce has been a blessing indeed to a lot of people from many different walks of life, including retirees, work at home mothers, those who need to supplement the income from a full time job, those who need to replace a full time job and more.

While there is no doubt that ecommerce beats the heck out of trudging out to a traditional job working for somebody else, it’s still work. The more shortcuts you can find to save time while boosting earnings will help you enjoy the Good life of working from home even more.

Here are some tips to help you maximize sales for your dropship business, while streamlining the work and saving time.

  • List your products on more than one site. Yes, you can! You can list on eBay while simultaneously having the same items for sale on Bonanza or a similar site. After all, it’s your stuff. You can do whatever you want to with it. Just be sure to update your inventory when you make a sale. For instance, if you sell an item you have listed on eBay, be sure to remove the listing from any other sites to make sure you don’t over sell. Customers tend to get irate about that and don’t much like it when you cancel their order.

  • Forget trying to multitask. It simply doesn’t work. Instead, try working in a parallel fashion, which means that if you have some dead time while waiting for one task to complete, be working on something else in the meantime. For example, if you are downloading a sizeable number of new dropship products from your wholesale product source and the download will take a few minutes, minimize that window and work on something else until the download is complete. You might be surprised how much this can improve your productivity! If you are selling on eBay, for instance you could spend this time writing a new marketing newsletter to your subscribers, letting them know you are adding new products.

  • Be realistic about reaching a point of diminishing returns. For example, are you spending an inordinately long time on each listing---tweaking your descriptions past the point where all that extra work and time…agonizing over every word…. will produce more sales? Are you taking pains with each template, trying to make it look showroom perfect and unique? While it is important to have attractive listings, this is only true up to a point. The bottom line is that shoppers are more interested in the products you are selling, so in the final analysis, if you are spending too much time making fancy templates---you are wasting time that could be best spent doing something that would actually help to make sales.

Use these tips to make more sales in less time in your dropship home business and you’ll see a difference!

6 Secrets to Selling More Dropship Products on eBay

6 secrets dropship salesWould you like to know the 6 secrets to selling more dropship products on eBay?

Read on and get the low down on what it takes to rev up eBay dropshipping sales!

Some people mistakenly believe that selling on eBay is different than other types of sales. In a way, this is true, because there are some unique do’s and don’ts that are all part and parcel of selling on eBay, one of the two largest online marketplaces in the world today. (Amazon is Number One, sorry eBay.)

Since eBay is an auction site, there are fundamental differences. That being said, there is a Buy It Now option that allows for instant, flat out sales instead of waiting for an auction to play out. Now let’s take a look at the 6 important secrets to boosting eBay dropship sales, bearing in mind that when all is said and done, the principles of success with sales on eBay are the same as any other ecommerce endeavor.

1. Have a niche product with a high enough demand that you get plenty of viewers and potential buyers. Regardless of platform or type of sales, it all comes down to supply and demand. If there is a great demand for something and you supply that demand, you will almost certainly be successful. But, if you make a poor choice when it comes to a niche and try to peddle something on eBay that virtually nobody wants---you are doomed to failure.

2. Have a fantastic title. Your title is your first line of communication with shoppers on eBay, along with your gallery image, so it needs to be eye catching and make people want to click through and actually read your listing. It also needs to use keywords wisely in order for the eBay search engine, Cassini, to pick it up and put it where it belongs. Romance your title! For instance, which sounds better: “Used Cell Phone” or 4G iPhone with All the Bells & Whistles Works Great”? You get the idea.

3. Give an excellent description. This is your chance to tell someone everything they need to know about your dropship product in order to make a buying decision. Many ecommerce entrepreneurs lose sales because they fail to provide enough info about their item. Online shoppers rely on your images and description to furnish sufficient information and enable them to decide whether to buy or not. You can use the descriptions from your wholesale product source, but if you really want to make more sales on eBay---write your own!

4. Use the free marketing tools provided by eBay. There is a Markdown Manager, for instance. Plus you can send out marketing emails to subscribers, showcase your newly listed or favorite items, and much more. These tools can be very beneficial in helping you make sales!

5. Use good images and have enough of them to show your products to their best advantage. For example, if you are selling plus size lingerie, try to show the front, back, side and close up views so that shoppers are able to really see and appreciate your products. As with descriptions, you can use the images provided by your wholesale dropship product supplier, but the smart thing to do is obtain one of every product you sell on eBay and take your own photos. This will give you a huge edge over the competition!

6. Be professional. This means no poor grammar, misspelled words, typos or other booboos that make you appear unprofessional and not overly bright. This does not inspire confidence in the average shopper and who could blame them? The more polished your descriptions and the better your photos, the more you will seem to be an expert in your niche, which scores points with shoppers.

Use these 6 secrets to start selling more dropship products on eBay!

Starting a Home Dropship Business & Don’t Know What to Sell?


dropship productsAre you in the first stages of trying to start a home dropship business and stymied about what products to sell?

This is a very important aspect of your ecommerce business, so it is wise to take your time and be sure to choose a niche and product/s that will be good performers for you. If you don’t do the necessary research before choosing a niche, you could sink your home business before it leaves the dock, so proceed with caution!

First of all, let’s clarify one major point: Forget everything you have ever heard about only selling things you have a “passion” for. This is hogwash, basically. Yes, it would be nice to be passionate about the products you sell, but it certainly isn’t necessary.

Passion is a rather overworked word these days. Everywhere you look, you see people who are “passionate” about this, that and the other. Suddenly, even mundane, ho hum, run of the mill things are inspiring passion in people. For example, you might advertise for someone to type a transcript of a book and get applicants who claim to be passionate about typing.

Really? Typing? (This is a true story.)

Look at it this way. You may adore oysters and absolutely love them---fried, baked or on the half shell. But, if you went to work in an oyster house that served nothing but oysters and you ate them every day for a while, don’t you think that passion would begin to wane? Of course it would!

It is the same thing with dropship products. Even if you start out being passionate about a particular product, after a while it will eventually be more of a way to make a living than something you could wax poetic about for hours on end….and that’s as it should be. If you want to be passionate about something connected with your dropship business, be passionate about making money!

Now, here are a few tips to help you choose your home dropship business products wisely:

  • Consider a niche that has a ton of accessories and correlating products. For example, let’s say you are selling dog beds and a shopper adds a bed to his/her cart. Now you can show the shopper other dog products. This is a fantastic way to increase sales because (a) you’re pitching the sale to someone who is already in “buying mode” and (b) chances are that someone who needs a dog bed might need leashes, collars, toys and so on. Remember, with dropshipping you don’t have to buy inventory up front, so you can sell as many products as you like!

  • We’ve squelched the question of your personal passion when it comes to your dropship niche, but if you pander to the passions of others you will land on your feet and make a lot of sales and money. Think hobbyists, for instance. Many of these folks really are passionate about their hobby and will buy scads of things for it. You might look at quilting supplies, scrap booking, sports cards and many other hobbies.

  • Consider selling products that fall in the legendary sales “sweet spot.” Generally speaking, this is within the $100 to $200 range. If you sell items that cost more than this, you may run into much heavier customer service as shoppers tend to want to actually speak with someone before pulling the trigger on the deal. That’s fine if you have 24 hour live support, but most ecommerce entrepreneurs with home businesses don’t have that.

  • Another good dropship product niche is items that people buy repeatedly. This covers a lot of territory. For example, it might be household cleaning supplies, health and beauty products or all sorts of other things we all buy and use up and buy again. And again. And again. You get the idea. This is a wonderful way to build a great repeat customer base, too! Use these ideas to choose a good niche for your home dropship business products and get started today!

Use these ideas to choose a good niche for your home dropship business products and get started today!  Check out dropship source to get started.

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