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Work Smarter Not Harder: Cross Selling for Your Dropship Business

dropship tips cross sellingDid you know that you can increase your dropship sales and work smarter instead of harder by using cross selling techniques?

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What is Cross Selling?

Basically, cross selling is when you offer buyers an opportunity to buy additional items that complement or correlate in some way with an item they have in their shopping cart or have already purchased. For example, if you dropship camping products and a shopper on your website has added a tent to his/her shopping cart; offering other camping items is a smart move. You might cross sell sleeping bags, camping cookware, lanterns, or any number of other items that are commonly used on camping trips.

This is a win-win situation for both your dropship business and the customer. It’s great for you, obviously, because you will make more money. But, it’s helpful for the customer as well if those other things are needed because it will save them time and money in most cases to go ahead and buy everything they need from one seller. When you use cross selling to boost sales, it’s a good idea to offer a shipping discount or even free shipping if the purchase totals X amount of dollars. Offering free or greatly discounted shipping is often a strong motivator for a shopper to buy additional items from your dropship website.

Another cross selling techniques is more or less the same but just a little different: bundling. Bundling is cross selling, in a sense, but instead of showing a shopper additional relevant products, you offer a bundle of similar, related products at a reduced price compared to buying each one separately. For instance, if a shopper has a tent in the shopping cart, then show a bundle with the same tent plus other, relevant products such as:

  • Camp stoves
  • Camp tables
  • Folding camp chairs
  • Sleeping bags
  • Lanterns
  • Flashlights
  • Inflatable mattresses
  • And more

The bundled price should allow plenty of room for your profits while still offering the customer a substantial savings as opposed to buying each item separately.

Working smarter instead of harder will mean more dropship sales and profits with less work and effort!

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Use Holiday Specific SEO to Maximize Dropship Sales

DropShip Video Detailing our eRetail Website Integration Service


As a DropShip Access enterprise customer, you’ll have exclusive access to our website integration service. What does this mean? Plainly stated, this service will dramatically simplify your life as an online retailer.

The process of sifting through Drop Ship Access’s dropship product catalogue and manually choosing and uploading individual projects can become a thing of the past. With this service, you will be able to select product categories, and we automatically check your selections for new products twice daily. We then make auto-updates to your store, so it stays current, and you can sell more and earn more profits.

Some additional benefits of this service include:

  • No saving and uploading of product images, and option to choose only products with images to be auto-added your store
  • Automated tracking of product inventory from all of DSA’s suppliers to remove any out of stock products from your store
  • Simple, easy, and fast one time setup of preferences to fully automate your drop ship business and let it sell for you with less daily work

Please watch the website integration video, where we show how to set up your automated web store and how to incorporate all of these benefits to simplify your drop shipping process. As always, please let us know if you have any questions.  You can learn more about how Drop Ship Access integrates with Prostores by reading Make Money the Easy Way: Dropship Integration with ProStores! We’re your trusted partners for drop shipping success!Dropship Website Integration

Ecommerce Dropship Tips: FREE Ways to Get Ready for Holiday Sales


dropship ecommerce holiday salesThe holidays are just around the corner and savvy ecommerce entrepreneurs know that they need to get their dropship business geared up for the increase in internet shoppers.

Even in the midst of a national recession that shows no signs of improving any time soon, you can rest assured that there will be a tremendous surge in online shopping as people turn to the internet to buy winter holiday gifts for those on their shopping lists.

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In fact, with the price of fuel so high, internet retail analysts are predicting that this year, more than ever, consumers will shop online to save gasoline. Of course, more and more people are discovering the convenience of online shopping straight across the board, high fuel prices at the pump or not.

You want to be sure of getting your piece of this extremely lucrative holiday sales pie, so you need to start getting everything in readiness now. One of the most important things that you can do is to check your dropship website over carefully before the holiday rush of shopping and take care of any glitches or problems that need to be addressed beforehand.

Here are some tips and free ways to help ensure your dropship site is up to snuff before the heavy holiday traffic hits:

  • Check all of your links to make sure none are broken. Broken links will cost you money! Not only will online shoppers be unable to navigate your dropship site, but many will get disgusted and leave without buying anything. You don’t want this. Here is a free tool that will let you check to make sure your links are working properly:

Xenu’s Link Sleuth  

  • Set up gift certificates. These are great for those last minute procrastinators who are down to the wire and frantically trying to buy holiday gifts. Gift certificates are a popular gift as most recipients love them. You can even allow customers buying gift certificates to print one to give the intended recipient. Here is a website that lets you set up a free template for printing gift certificates:


Use these free services to help your holiday sales this year in your dropship business and make sure to check your website routinely between now and the big rush to make sure al is as it should be.

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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Use Daily Deals to Boost Sales


If you are looking for a new way to boost your dropship or other ecommerce sales, you might consider using Daily Deals!

Daily Deals are the new wave on the internet and many e-tail merchants, including eBay, are offering Daily Deals to entice customers to their website. Some websites are all about Daily Deals and nothing else. Living Social, for example, is one such site that is relatively new but has built up a massive base of subscribers in a very short period of time. The same applies to Groupon. Cool Savings is using Daily Deals and many local newspapers as well. Walmart has jumped on the Daily Deals band wagon, too.

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Here are some stats from emarketer about Daily Deals:

  • Users of both sites are more educated than Internet users in general.
  • 57 percent of Groupon users, and 51 percent of LivingSocial users, are in the prime homeowner age groups of 35 to 64.
  • Nearly two-thirds of visitors to both sites are female.
  • Daily deal users tend to skew toward affluent. A separate study, by Nielsen, found visitors to LivingSocial 49 percent more likely than the average U.S. Internet user to earn $150,000 or more, while Groupon's users were 30 percent more likely.
A chart from Foresee that breaks things down:

dropship ecommerce daily deals chart
Why are Daily Deals so popular? In a nutshell, these promotions appeal to those who love to get in on special deals and save money. In these days of continuing high unemployment, outrageous fuel prices and escalating costs of everything else---that group of people is huge!

So, how could you incorporate Daily Deals into your dropship sales?

Here are a couple of tips to help you get started:

  • Bundled Deals: Bundled deals are hot! A bundled deal is where you offer an accessory or coordinating product as a go-with for another product at a cheaper price than buying each item as a stand alone purchase. For example, if your niche is electronics and you are dropship selling DVD players, you might offer a DVD player along with a DVD cleaner or cleaning kit.


  • Loss Leaders: Daily Deals are great loss leaders! A loss leader is a product that you sell at a rock bottom price for the purpose of attracting traffic to your dropship website or eBay dropship products. You might not make any profit on this item, so it doesn’t need to be anything pricey like a Plasma TV, but the whole idea of a loss leader is that you go into it knowing you won’t male a lot of money on it; just hoping it will drive traffic and then visitors will go on to buy other of your items.

If you are only dropship selling one product, you would probably need to offer more of a selection of products in order to run Daily Deals. It would be best to stick to items within your niche but isn’t strictly necessary.

Try using Daily Deals to drive traffic to your ecommerce dropship website and boost sales!

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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Get Your Mojo Working for Holiday Sales!

ecommerce dropship mojoHave you stopped to think that the fall and winter holidays are rapidly approaching and that you need to get some mojo in the works in order for your dropship or other ecommerce business to reap full advantage of all that increased traffic and shoppers online ready to spend, spend, spend?

Although it may still be warm weather where you live, the fact is that Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Years, and Valentine’s Day are fast approaching. In fact, internet research shows that some shoppers begin their holiday shopping as early as September, so there is no time to lose if you wan to get your share of all these extra opportunities to sell your dropship products.

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If you aren’t focusing on one particular niche but sell a variety of dropship products, you can get online and so a little sleuthing to see what the hottest selling items and holiday gift trends are forecast for this season.  

Check out the eBay Pulse for ideas in assorted categories or use the Google AdWord Tool to find out what items are racking up lots and lots of global searches. For example, if you are thinking of dropship jewelry sales this year, you might check with the Google tool to see how many people are online searching for a specific piece of jewelry such as gold earrings or pearl necklaces and so on.

If you discover that a product you were considering selling during the upcoming holiday shopping season isn’t getting many searches---move on and find something more promising. Sales are all about supply and demand. If there is a large demand for an item and you supply that demand, you’ll make sales and profits. It’s just that simple.

Here are some category suggestions for products that traditionally enjoy booming sales during the holidays:

  • Toys
  • Video Games
  • Music
  • Perfume
  • Lingerie
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • And More

Be sure to get your holiday sales and promotions all mapped out and planned down to the last detail. Get your email marketing newsletters written or at least outlined. Make plans to update and coordinate your social media marketing platforms with your holiday sales.

It’s time to get your ducks in a row and your mojo working for big ecommerce dropship sales in your home business this year!

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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Website Mistakes to Avoid

ecommerce dropship websiteThere are some common website mistakes to avoid for the benefit of your ecommerce dropship home business.

Your website is crucial to your online success or failure! If it isn’t right, nothing else in your career as an ecommerce entrepreneur will be right, either.

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When you are doing business online, your website has to be fully functional and optimized to make the user and buyer experience as effortless as possible.

Here are a few simple but very common website mistakes to avoid on your dropship website:

  • Having a Splash Screen---Unless you have a very, very good reason for forcing your visitors to sit through a long flash intro when they land on your site----don’t do it. Online shoppers are notoriously impatient with extremely short fuses. The majority of them want to get in, conduct their business and get out as quickly as possible. If you feel that you must have a Splash Screen, at least include a link to skip it.

  • Too much text---Fresh, relevant content on your website is exceedingly important because the search engines are always looking for exactly that and providing it will help boost your rank in the search results. But, don’t over do it. Too much text and you will lose your viewer’s attention and when that happens, it’s pretty much over. Do have relevant, updated content but keep it concise and to the point.

  • Off the wall colors---Pretty and unusual colors are nice, but not on your dropship website. If you choose some off the wall color for your background or font, there is a good possibility that some people won’t even have that color available on their computer and if that happens…who knows what colors they’ll see? Stick with web safe colors.

  • No browser compatibility---Different people use different browsers. It isn’t easy to be compatible with all of them, but make an effort to at least have cross compatibility with the major and most used browsers. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of potential customers!

Use these tips to avoid making common website mistakes on your ecommerce dropship website.

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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Improve Delivery of Marketing Emails

emial marketimg ecommerce dropshipEmail marketing is a great way to build your dropship or other ecommerce business and it will help your efforts to improve your delivery success.

Deliverability is a term that crops up frequently in reference to email marketing.

What is Deliverability?

Deliverability simply means the ability of any email you send to actually be delivered to the recipient. You can invest quite a lot of time, thought and possibly even money if you hire someone to write your marketing emails  into coming up with a killer piece of email copy that will hopefully convert to increased traffic and sales for your dropship business…..but if this piece of marketing genius never makes it to the intended target’s inbox, it’s a total flop.

Here are a few tips to help you improve the deliverability of your marketing emails:

  • Use the Reputation Triplet. This is the combination of three things that make up your reputation within the realm of email marketing. These three components are:

  1. Content
  2. Email address
  3. IP address

In order to avoid having your marketing emails dumped straight into spam folders, these three vital components need to be spotless.

  • The SPF, or Sender Policy Framework, is how an IP address is authenticated. This is accomplished through a DNS service. A lot of corporate domains authenticate IP addresses in an effort to protect themselves from spy ware and viruses, and many email services won’t accept email from certain domains.

  • Use a dedicated domain for sending marketing emails. Using a shared domain is inadvisable.

  • Your content needs to be of high quality, nothing that the spam filters will interpret as gibberish. Although the word “free” is very powerful in marketing, it is also a word that triggers the spam filters of many email services. So try to avoid using it in the title line if possible. The good news is that if you build up your Reputation Triplet, your emails may have enough instant credibility to clear this hurdle even if you do use this buzz word.

Deliverability is key to the success of email marketing campaigns for your ecommerce dropship home business.

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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: More Ways to Increase Sales

increase dropship ecommerce home business salesAnyone with a dropship or other sort of ecommerce business is probably always on the lookout for ways to increase sales.

After all, sales mean money and money is what it’s all about in a home dropship business! If you stopped making money, it wouldn’t be a business, it would be a hobby. If it’s a hobby you want, you could surely find better ways to entertain yourself than running a business for nothing.

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So, you must always keep your eye on the ball and focus on increasing sales and making money!

Here are a few handy tips to help you increase sales in your ecommerce dropship home business:

  • Reward your repeat customers and keep buyers coming back with some kind of tokens of your appreciation for their business. It might be a free shipping code if that is feasible, or a percentage or dollar amount off coupon code, or something along that line. Repeat customers are worth their weight in gold and you should pursue them vigorously.

  • Your home page is vital and should contain relevant information about what you have to offer and why it benefit’s a visitor to buy from your dropship sales business. Remember, you only have one chance to make a good impression!

  • One of the most important things you can do to boost dropship website sales is to have a very user friendly search function. Use breadcrumb navigation so visitors can easily see where they are and where they have been. Have a great search menu and also be sure to allow visitors to enter a word or phrase into a search box. Your categories should be clearly defined so that shoppers know what to expect when they click on a particular category.

  • Keep the shopping cart user friendly and checkout as simple and fast as possible. This is the point in the sales funnel where many sales are lost, so if you can keep your checkout process running like a well oiled machine, your sales will improve.

These simple tips will help to increase sales in your ecommerce dropship home business!

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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Why You Should Be Using Infographics

dropship ecommerce infographicInfographics can be tremendously effective in helping to build your brand and promote your dropship or other sort of ecommerce home business, and if you aren’t already using them, this article will furnish you with a few good reasons why you should be!

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What is an Infographic?

An infographic, also known as an information graphic, is a graphic visual representation of either knowledge, information or data. Infographics provide a way to show information quickly and very clearly, at a glance. A weather map, for example, is an infographic.

Reasons to Use Infographics

Here are a few good reasons to use infographics for your ecommerce dropship business:

  • Internet users have notoriously short attention spans. As a general rule, you have literally a split second the grab their attention…or lose it. Therefore, if you want to snag the attention of as many web viewers as possible, infographics will do an excellent job of doing this by getting your message across fast.

  • You don’t need to hire a web designer or graphic artist to make your own infographics. There are graphing device programs in Excel, as well as in Microsoft Word, that allow you to make very professional looking infographics. There are also some free services available on the internet, such as StatPlanet, that allow you to make fantastic graphs. Another good free one is Hohli, that lets you make great looking 3D pie charts free!

  • Infographics are much more entertaining for viewers than just reading plain text. Anything that shows viewers a little bit of a good time will work in your favor.

  • Infographics are ever so much easier for people to understand, especially in a hurry. The message is right out there, unambiguous, and will engage the entire brain. A good infographic is a perfect way to help build your brand as it is short and sweet, easy to read and easy to remember, too.

  • You can make virtually any kind of information into an infographic. No matter what you wish to convey, you can find a way to do it with an infographic. You might use a graph, a pie chart or some other type of info design, but rest assured that your information will work up into a nice infograph of some sort.

Build your brand and grow your ecommerce dropship business with infographics!

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Ecommerce Dropship Sales: 5 Handy SEO Tips & Tricks

SEO dropship ecommerce salesSEO is crucial to the success or failure of your ecommerce dropship sales home business.

Staying on top of the latest and greatest about SEO should be very high on your list of priorities when it comes to your ecommerce dropship sales. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is what keeps traffic coming to your site and as you are surely aware; traffic is the lifeblood of your business.

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Here are 5 handy SEO tips for your dropship sales business:

I. Your main navigation bar should always contain keyword rich text. Ditto for your product descriptions and don’t forget your images, either. Focus on keywords and use them wherever they will help the search engines find your site.

II. To ensure that your site is not only SEO but user friendly, as well, use breadcrumb navigation for all of your inner pages, linking back to your main web page. This keeps shoppers from getting confused about where they are or where they are going and acts as a very helpful SEO tool and secondary navigation.

III. Keep descriptions of your web pages relevant and keyword rich. Always be sure that your web page description follows through on the promise. In other words, if someone clicks on your web page link in Google search results that is describing pet beds, make sure that they land on a page about pet beds instead of something else. This is fairly common and very annoying. In fact, it’s probably a big reason for a poor conversion rate. Bear in mind that shoppers are in a hurry or at least aren’t usually inclined to waste time searching for something that should have been found with a click.

IV. Use Google friendly URL structures. That is, use text within your URLs that Google can easily find and understand. For example, separate the words in your URL text with hyphens.

V. Your headers are critical to SEO! Each page heading should use SEO best practices to make it easier for search bots to discover. Search engines assign quite a bit of importance to headings, so make yours work for you.

These simple SEO tips can help build your online dropship business.

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