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How to Unlock the Secrets of SEO & Build Your Dropship Business

dropship SEO unlock secretsDid you know that if you unlock the secrets of effective SEO, you can build and grow your home dropship business?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, isn’t rocket science. You don’t have to be a computer geek or Albert Einstein to master it and make it work for you in your ecommerce business.

But, you do have to acquire a basic, fundamental understanding of what SEO is and what it can do for you.

To begin, let’s start by laying to rest one of the myths about SEO circulating around the internet and elsewhere. That is the myth that SEO is dead.

Head up! SEO is NOT dead! One wonders where these SEO doomsday sayers are getting their information but it is not based on fact. Far from it, in fact. SEO may be more important than ever in driving traffic to your website and dropship listings.

Here is the thing about SEO: It’s not your mother’s SEO, for sure. The advent of the Google Penguin and Panda algorithm updates did change the way SEO works to some extent. But, be assured that these changes were strictly for the better.

In the olden days of Google and SEO, you would see so-called “articles” that made absolutely no sense. They were jam packed with keywords to the extent that they were literally just nonsensical jibber jabber with the sole intent being to stuff as many keywords as possible into a document of a few hundred words.

Thank goodness---those days are gone. Or, they’re gone for savvy ecommerce entrepreneurs who want Google and the other search engines to smile on them.

No more article farmers pumping out that worthless drivel in an effort to boost their search rankings. This is a good thing!

Nowadays, if you want to understand they mysteries of SEO, think in terms of quality.


Quality for the readers who run across your content, either on or off your website or listings on eBay and/or Amazon. High quality content that gives readers something of actual, real value instead of tons of keyword stuffed mishmash that isn’t worth wasting time or energy reading.

In order to understand the secrets of SEO best practices, don’t write your content for keywords only. Instead, write (or have written, such as the case may be) good quality content that provides a reader with something valuable in some way. It might be educational, instructional, inspiring, humorous….you get the idea. Whatever your content may be, subject wise, it should be worth a reader’s time.

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates reward this type of high quality content by giving it a boost in search ranking. This is worth untold amounts of money to you because it will drive traffic to your site or listings and increase sales and profits.

Besides good quality content, Google also wants relevant, fresh content.

What does this mean? Basically, it simply means that Google wants you to deliver the goods, as regards your content. We’ve all seen the bat and switch stuff on the web with a punchy, attention grabbing title such as “Woman Has Rat Baby” only to click on it and discover a woman has a pet baby rat. Not, as we were led to believe, given birth to a rat.

Google wants you to keep your content in line and relevant to what your link or title promised the viewer. No bait and switch. Again---a good thing.

As far as fresh content, this is self explanatory. Google likes fresh, new content. The more the better. If you want to get the maximum benefits of your SEO efforts, keep cranking out that valuable, relevant, fresh content!

Unlocking the secrets of SEO will build your dropship business!

How to Change Your Life With a Home Dropshipping Business

dropshipping home businessDid you know that having a home dropshipping business could change your life for the better?

It’s a fact! Anyone who feels trapped in a job that brings them nothing except high stress and low pay can take heart from this, because if you want to make a break for personal and financial freedom and work from home, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the dropshipping business model.

Why do so many people stay on and on in jobs that make them totally miserable?

Well, there might be several reasons for this, depending on the individual circumstances. Here are a few things that cause many people to keep slogging away at a dead end job instead of starting their own home business:

A. Fear that it would require a lot of start up money

B. Fear that they would have a lengthy period without an income while the business got on its feet and started making a profit

C. Fear of failure

D. Fear of giving up a steady paycheck and venturing into the unknown

Let’s tackle these reasons for hesitating about starting an online home business in dropshipping one by one:

A. Fear that starting a home drop ship business would require a big chunk of capital. In a traditional brick and mortar business, and even some ecommerce businesses, this would be true and a definite deterrent to a lot of wannabe ecommerce entrepreneurs without a sizable bank roll to get then started. Not so for a dropshipping business. You don’t have to pay for your products up front, only paying the wholesale product source as each item is sold and you have collected the money for it from your buyer. So---no inventory to buy! You never have the products in your physical possession, either, so there is no expense or labor of housing inventory. This also means that you are spared the expense and hassle of shipping. All you have to do is sell, sell, sell!

B. Fear of having a long wait before profits start flowing in. With a dropshipping business, this is not a concern as it is with a traditional business. Why not? Because you can select the products you want to dropship and list them on the venue of your choice with a few clicks of your mouse and you’re in business….ready to start making sales an profits literally immediately.

C. Fear of failure. Fear of failure holds so many people back from the good things in life that could be theirs if they managed to overcome the timidity and fear that is holding them back. Yes, it’s possible to fail. But if you have good, strong work habits and are willing to put your shoulder to the wheel and do what needs to be done in order to succeed with a home dropshipping business, there is no reason for failure. As FDR once said, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

D. Fear of the unknown and giving up a steady paycheck. Admittedly, it can be pretty scary taking a leap of faith into the unknown. But, as the old saying goes, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Not particularly grammatical, but true. In order to change your life for the better, you have to overcome your fear of making the change and just do it.

A home dropshipping business can give you a quality of life that is simply not possible while working and making money for somebody other than yourself. You will be doing more than making a living---you’ll be making a life.

So, take the first steps toward changing your life for the better today with a home dropshipping business!

4 Money Making Tips for Successful Dropshipping on eBay

eBay dropshipping successWould you like to get 4 simple tips for making money dropshipping on eBay?

While you might have heard some negative talk to the contrary, the truth is that there are plenty of successful ecommerce entrepreneurs dropshipping on eBay and loving it! One thing you should always keep in mind when you run across these doomsday stories about how making money on eBay with the dropship business model is impossible is that in many---or even most---cases, these people would have failed at any endeavor, not just dropshipping on eBay.

Let’s face it. We all know the pessimistic people who moan and groan all the time about basically anything and everything.

These are the Eeyores of the world. The thing is that things don’t usually improve much for these folks because they never recognize or acknowledge the reason for their misery and repeated failures. What is the problem? Why do some people fall flat on their faces time after time, in one venture or job after another?

The problem is their attitude and in all too many cases, things such as poor work ethics, unrealistic expectations, poor planning and management, and so on.

If you are the type of person who has a winning attitude and you have what it takes to be successful in an online business, you most definitely can succeed with dropshipping on eBay.

Here are 4 money making tips to help you achieve that success:

1. Offer free shipping. Internet research has shown beyond any and all doubt that the average online shopper is more likely to buy if free shipping is offered. You can factor in the amount of shipping into your starting auction price or your fixed price listing so that you don’t lose any money. This is a win-win for all concerned. You make more sales and the buyer is happy with free shipping.

2. Learn and use the eBay jargon so that your titles will pack more of a punch and provide more info to shoppers. Since eBay expanded the number of characters allowed in the titles, it has been a big help. Still, knowing how to use eBay Speak effectively can make your titles even better. Here are a few to get you started: NWT---New With Tags. NIB---New In Box. OSFA---One Size Fits All. There are more, just scout around some auctions and learn the lingo.

3. Research pricing in your niche or of your dropshipping products so that you are competitive with your competitors. Don’t try to undersell them, though. Shoppers are not averse to paying more for something that has more perceived value. You can beef up the perceived value of your items by having better descriptions and images than your competition, offering free shipping, 14 day returns, etc.

4. Timing is everything! There is literally no telling how many people have failed as dropshipping sellers on eBay because they didn’t grasp the importance of timing. For example, you may be a night owl who loves to stay up all night, but having your listings end in the wee hours of the morning is just plain dumb. How many insomniac shoppers are likely to be online at 3 am and shopping on eBay? A few, yes, but not enough to offset the loss of traffic from the people who went to bed and slept through the night, as most of us do. Keep in mind that eBay runs on PST. You should adjust your timing for ending listings accordingly.

Use these 4 money making tips for dropshipping on eBay and watch those sales start pouring in!

Tips for Spooktacular Halloween Dropship Business Sales

tips for dropship Halloween salesHalloween is just around the corner and this is your chance to scare up some spooktacular dropship business sales!

Savvy ecommerce entrepreneurs understand the value of holiday sales and how you can greatly boost your bottom line by offering the products online shoppers will be looking for to celebrate these festive occasions such as Halloween.

Here is a little piece of pertinent info you might not know about Halloween: It’s the third largest of the year. Yes! Not too shabby, right? Knowing this should make it crystal clear to you just how very lucrative Halloween dropship business sales could be!

Here are a few more juicy little tidbits about Halloween sales as predicted for 2012 from the NRF. (National Retail Federation)

  • A record 71.5% of Americans will take part in Halloween

  • Seven in 10 Americans (71.5%) will get into the haunting Halloween mood, up from 68.6 percent last year and the most in NRF’s 10-year survey history.

  • Consumers are expecting to spend more too; the average person will spend $79.82 on decorations, costumes and candy, up from $72.31 last year, with total Halloween spending expected to reach $8.0 billion.

And a quote that should further bolster your interest in Halloween dropship business sales:

“By the time Halloween rolls around each year it’s safe to say Americans have already spent two months preparing for one of the fastest-growing and most widely-loved holidays of the year,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “Retailers know that when it comes to Halloween, new costume ideas for children, adults and pets, and the latest in home and yard décor top people’s shopping lists. We expect retailers to stock their shelves well ahead of time to capture the attention of eager holiday shoppers.”

Here are a few tips to help you get a slice of this extremely profitable holiday pie this year:

  • Get started now! Although it may seem strange to think about Halloween product sales when the temps are still high in many parts of the country, the fact is that 52% of ecommerce sellers start their holiday sales preparations by or before Halloween. With such a large percentage of the population celebrating Halloween, you can bet that there will be early bird shoppers and you need to have something for them.

  • Plan your social media, email marketing, AdWords and other marketing you plan to use for Halloween dropship business sales. Get it all mapped out and then get started.

  • If you have your own website, decorate for Halloween! This will help to get shoppers in the holiday mood and do a lot to boost sales.

  • Plan for cross platform success by making sure your website or listings are all mobile friendly. Mobile shopping is rising at a rapid rate. In fact, it almost doubled from the 2011 holiday shopping season and last year’s, with this year’s sales expected to rise even more. Don’t lose business because your Halloween dropship business products are not mobile device accessible.

Use these tips for Spooktacular Halloween dropship business sales and you will have a healthier amount of profit at the end of the year!

Use Wholesale Dropship Products to Supplement Ecommerce Sales

wholesale dropship productsDid you know that you can use wholesale dropship products to supplement ecommerce sales?

You can! For instance, if you have your own website, or are an eBay or Amazon seller, or selling on any other online venue, you can easily use wholesale dropship products to boost your bottom line and increase profits.

How does this work? Well, let’s say that you are selling fishing lures and are doing a great business with them. People who love to go fishing and buy your lures are also likely to buy other fishing related products.

But, instead of stretching your budget or maybe even taking out a loan to buy more and different inventory, you could simply find a wholesale dropship product source and choose correlating products to sell along with the fishing lures.

In this way, you could use bundling, cross selling or upselling sales techniques to make more sales.

The success of this plan will largely depend on the wholesale product supplier you choose. If you select one that charges you basically retail prices, there is no way you will make any money since you can’t buy for resale at retail prices and then turn around and resell for retail prices and have any margin for profit at all.

So, here are some tips for finding a good wholesale product supplier if you want to source supplemental dropship items for your ecommerce business:

  • Be sure it is an established business, preferably a member of the Better Business Bureau. As fantastic as the internet truly is, the sad fact is that there are scammers who may take your money and run. So, check up and make sure the wholesale dropship product source you are thinking of dealing with is a well respected business.

  • Be sure that the products supplied by the wholesale product source are high quality. The last thing you want to do is send people inferior, shoddy, poorly made items that are liable to malfunction. Your reputation would be ruined in nothing flat and your ecommerce career would be over due to all the adverse publicity this would get you. It‘s a smart idea to buy one of every product you intend to sell, so that you can see the quality and workmanship for yourself.

  • Be sure the wholesale product source really does give you true wholesale prices. As mentioned above, this will be a huge factor in the success or failure of your plan to use wholesale dropship products to supplement your ecommerce sales. Paying too much up front will mean that you cannot hope to make enough of a profit on each sale to be worthwhile.

Using wholesale dropship products will be a boon to both you and your customers, since offering the chance to buy other products they need or want is a win-win situation of all concerned.

Thi8nk about what products you could offer your customers and then use wholesale dropship products to supplement your ecommerce sales!

5 Mistakes eBay Dropship Sellers Make: What NOT to Do

eBay dropshipper mistakesYou may have heard someone grousing that there is no way to be successful as a dropship seller on eBay.

This is nonsense.

There most certainly is a way and in fact, there are many successful eBay dropship sellers who are making a very nice living at it. But, there have been many who tried it and failed and many more, no doubt, who will try it in the future and fail miserably.

So, what is the difference between these two groups of eBay dropship sellers---the success stories and the failures? What does one group do that the other doesn’t? Are the successful eBay dropshippers privy to a secret that others don’t know about?

The secret is what the successful ones do and perhaps even more importantly, what they DON’T do!

The thing about eBay is that you don’t get a lot of room for mistakes, especially when you are first starting out. There is a very narrow margin for error and a few feedbacks will be enough to sink your eBay ship if you flub up right from the begging.

Here are 5 common mistakes made by eBay dropship sellers who end up being unsuccessful:

1. They don’t provide good images. Your pictures have to clearly show a shopper what you are selling, so they need to be good enough to enable the person to make an informed buying decision. If you plaster poor quality, blurry or otherwise crummy images on eBay of your products---forget it. You won’t succeed.

2. They don’t provide good descriptions. Everything mentioned above about images goes for descriptions, too. Your descriptions should tell a viewer everything they need to know about your product. For example, if you are selling shoes and neglect to mention what size they are who do you think is going to buy them?

3. They don’t answer questions from potential buyers. Let’s face it, despite all of the disruptive change of the last few years and efforts to rid eBay of bad sellers, there are still some to be found on the site. Some are probably not so much bad as just stupid or ignorant. Be that as the case may be, there are a lot of buyers who have been burned by purchasing an item that was not as described. They might need reassurance that the item is as good as you say it is. Answer these messages! Doing so may gain you a valuable repeat customer. Not doing so will almost certainly cost you a sale.

4. They hold feedback hostage until after the buyer leave feedback. Honestly, this is lame. In the olden days of eBay when sellers could still leave negative feedback for buyers, this practice might have had some purpose. But, those days are gone. Sellers are unable to leave buyers anything except positive feedback. So, holding out on leaving feedback until after the buyer does really makes no sense and it antagonizes a lot of buyers. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar!

5. They don’t download tracking info. Hopefully you are doing business with a wholesale product source for your dropship items that furnishes tracking numbers. Some dropship eBay sellers simply can’t be bothered to post this info to the site so that the buyer knows their widget is on its way. This is bad business and will cost you repeat business as well as gain negative or neutral feedback.

Those are 5 common mistakes eBay dropship sellers make that cause them to fail, so avoid them and you can be successful if you do everything else right!

How to Price Dropshipping Products for Maximum Profits

pricing dropship products for profitAnyone about to venture into the world of ecommerce might appreciate learning how to price dropshipping products for maximum profits.

There can be no doubt that ecommerce is the easiest way to start your own business and work from home online, and dropshipping takes this up a notch to make it even easier, faster and less costly.

The fact is that anybody who is willing to work hard can be tremendously successful with a home dropshipping business, but one of the main things you need to understand is how to price for profit.

First of all, let’s start with the number one, top and most important point about dropshipping and pricing for maximum profits---heads up:

You make your money when you buy, not when you sell.

If this doesn’t make any sense to you and you’re sitting scratching your head, wondering how you can possibly make money while you’re buying and spending money, it’s like this….the price you pay when you buy dropshipping products for resale will determine the amount of profits you are going to make from the sale of those products.

For example, if you want to dropship televisions and you pay your product supplier $400 each for them, then discover that the average retail sell through price for the model you are selling is only $400, how can you make any profits?

You won’t.

It wouldn’t matter if you sold 1,000 of these televisions a day; you are not going to come out ahead. In fact, by the time you cover your operating expenses such as website costs or maybe eBay or Amazon fees---you will be going in the hole.


So, the trick is to price your dropship products so that you can make plenty of profits on each sale. The only way to do that is to find a wholesale dropship product source who gives you genuine wholesale prices so that when you turn around and sell at retail prices, you make a goodly profit.

 Here are some tips on smart pricing:

  • Have a pricing strategy. For instance, you might have one or two products that are nothing but loss leaders. You know you aren’t going to make much of a profit on them, but that’s okay as long as you just break even because these loss leaders will lure shoppers to your listings or website and then they will hopefully buy other products, too, which you CAN make a healthy profit on. A good example of this is for eBay dropship sellers to have one famous name item starting at a very low bid, such as $0.99. This will get you a lot of traffic and potential customers for your other items. Don’t panic and think you’ll be paying big bucks and losing your shirt on these loss leaders because you can count on the going for the fair market value, no matter how low you started the bidding.

  • Use pricing intelligence, which in this case doesn’t refer to your IQ but to spying on your competition. Keep track of what your competitors are doing as far as pricing and then make sure you offer something that will offer customers just a little bit more. This might be expedited shipping, free shipping, etc. One word of caution: Do not try to get into a price war with your competitors. Nobody wins in a price war. Instead, beat them with better customer service or one of the strategies mentioned above.

Use these tips on how to price dropshipping products for maximum profits and start living large with your own home business!

Amazon Webstores: A Profitable Home Business for Dropshippers

Amazon Webstores dropshippersDid you know that Amazon Webstores offers a fast and easy way to have a profitable home business for dropshippers?

It’s a fact!

Amazon is, of course, an absolutely mammoth online marketplace and one that millions of people flow through every single day from all around the world. If it’s traffic you want, it’s traffic you’ll get with an Amazon webstore.

You might be wondering which would be better if you are just starting out in ecommerce with a home dropship business: Amazon or your own website.

The truth is that in almost all instances, an ecommerce newbie would be well advised to steer away from starting up their own website and opt instead for selling on a huge venue such as Amazon. Why? Because you could not possibly hope to attract the huge volume of traffic that Amazon gets and without traffic, you won’t make sales. It’s just that simple.

After you have been in business a while and built up a good, strong repeat customer base and have learned the ropes of marketing, social media, SEO and all the other things that go into having a profitable ecommerce business---you can consider your own website if you feel so inclined. But initially, Amazon Webstores will suit your purposes admirably.

About Amazon Web stores & Dropshippers

So, what exactly is an Amazon Webstore and how do you go about opening one for dropshippers?

Well, for starters, a webstore for drop shippers is opened and run no differently than any other webstore, unless you use Fulfillment by Amazon; which you won’t be. So, moving right along, here is a good explanation and definition of what Amazon Webstores do and what they are, straight from the horse’s mouth…the horse, in this case, being Amazon:

“Amazon Webstore is a stand-alone eCommerce platform that integrates seamlessly with the entire Amazon Services portfolio to provide a complete set of eCommerce features and functionality in a single solution. Use Fulfillment by Amazon to provide your customers with a world-class shipping experience, offer Amazon Prime shipping, or advertise your products using Amazon Product Ads—you choose where to focus your efforts and resources and where to let Amazon's suite of cost-effective services do the work for you.

Time is of the essence whether you're launching your primary store or a secondary site to target new customers or capitalize on new channel opportunities. And it never makes sense just to throw money at a project. That's why Amazon Webstore offers:

  • No need to install, host, manage, and pay for the infrastructure
  • Customizable templates and widgets
  • No need to set up a separate merchant account
  • No additional fees for adding additional products or handling traffic spikes
  • No long-term commitment required

With Amazon Webstore, all the following key eCommerce functionalities are built in, meaning your site can get off the ground quickly without having to cobble together a variety of different software vendors. This includes:

  • Pre-built site templates and widgets
  • Full checkout process
  • Payment processing
  • Order and inventory management tools
  • SEO and traffic-driving tools
  • Advanced merchandising features
  • Fraud prevention
  • APIs for custom functionality
  • Site Hosting

Amazon Webstore also integrates seamlessly with the other Amazon Services products, including:

  • Selling on Amazon
  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Amazon Product Ads
  • Amazon Prime “

As you can see, this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to drop out of the Rat Race and work from home!

Is it expensive for drop shippers to get started with Amazon Webstores?

Not at all. Read on to find out how inexpensively, quickly and easily you can get up and running, making sales and profits on Amazon.

Amazon Webstore has no setup costs, and no long-term contracts—you can cancel your account at any time, removing a common business risk from launching a new eCommerce venture or microsite. In fact, you can try it for a month free!

If you have dreamed of breaking away from your dreary job and starting your own business that would provide you with true personal and financial freedom, check out Amazon Webstores and join the dropshippers who are living the Good Life thanks to this opportunity!


Start an Online Book Store with Wholesale Dropship Distributors

wholesale dropship distributors online book storeIf you have ever dreamed of having your own bookstore, but can’t afford the cost of opening a traditional brick and mortar establishment, heads up---you can start an online book store on the cheap with wholesale dropship distributors!

One thing is for sure….books are not going to fall out of favor any time in the foreseeable future. While it is true that ebooks are enormously popular, regular hard back or paper back books are still very much en vogue.

People have been reading for education, information and entertainment for many centuries and will doubtless continue to do so for many years to come. Combine this truth with the fact that online shopping is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, and you have a sure recipe for success with an online book store.

There are a multitude of book genres available for dropshipping.

Types of Books to Dropship

Here are some of the book genres you might choose for your online dropship book store:

  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Horror
  • Gothic
  • Paranormal
  • Christian
  • Sci-Fi
  • Romance
  • Non-Fiction
  • Children’s
  • Cookbooks
  • Self Help Books
  • How-To Books
  • Text Books
  • Detective
  • Humor
  • Western
  • And Many More

This is an extremely broad niche. You might consider narrowing your focus a bit and selecting one or a couple of genres only. On the other hand, since you don’t pay for your products up front with the dropship business model, it won’t cost you a thing to stock your virtual book store shelves with a little something for everybody!

This is one of the most attractive things about starting an online book store with wholesale dropship distributors. You cam have a big inventory of all genres of books without spending a small fortune on inventory or worrying about ending up with stock you can’t get rid of.
With an online book store and wholesale dropship distributors, you never have physical possession of the products you sell. You simply choose the books you want to sell from your wholesale product supplier, list them on the venue of your choice such as eBay, Amazon or your own web site, and you’re in business.

No expense or work involved with warehousing. No packing or shipping to do, either, as your books sell because your wholesale dropship distributors handle all of that, as well.

Could it get any easier?

One of the main things to bear in mind is that you need to be sure of getting true wholesale prices on the books you choose to sell. You cannot buy at retail prices and then turn around and sell at retail prices and come out with any profit.

While working from home in your own business and being your own boss is the closest thing to a perfect job you could ever hope to find, you still want to make money!

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need wholesale dropship distributors who have a great selection of books---books by popular authors, books in demand, books people will read. You won’t do well at all if you attempt to sell a lot of books nobody wants or needs.

An online book store can be tremendously successful and profitable if you want to work from home, so check out wholesale dropship distributors today and get started!

5 FREE WordPress Plugins for Your Home Dropshipping Business

free Wordpress plugins dropshipping businessHow would you like to get 5 FREE WordPress plugins for your home dropshipping business?

First of all, if you are just starting out or about to start up an ecommerce home dropship business, you might be a little vague about what WordPress is and what it does. So, as so often is the case, we turn to our trusty friend Wikipedia---that free online encyclopedia and treasure trove of information---for a great explanation of WordPress:

“WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL which runs on a web hosting service. Features include a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by over 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system being used on the Web, powering over 60 million websites worldwide.

WordPress users may install and switch between themes. Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website or installation without altering the information content or structure of the site. Themes may be installed using the WordPress "Appearance" administration tool or theme folders may be uploaded via FTP. The PHP, HTML & CSS code found in themes can be added or edited for providing advanced features. Thousands of WordPress themes exist, some free, and some premium (paid for) templates.

WordPress also features integrated link management; a search engine–friendly, clean permalink structure; the ability to assign nested, multiple categories to articles; and support for tagging of posts and articles. Automatic filters are also included, providing standardized formatting and styling of text in articles (for example, converting regular quotes to smart quotes). WordPress also supports the Trackback and Pingback standards for displaying links to other sites that have themselves linked to a post or article.”

That gives you the bare bones of it, but there are scads more features such as widgets, multi-blog use and more that come with WordPress. It is important to note that WordPress, although a killer blogging platform, can also be used for ecommerce….which brings us to the meat of this article: free WordPress plugins for your ecommerce home dropship business.

So, without further ado, here are 5 free and wonderful WordPress plugins to use for your dropshipping business:

1. Catablog: This one is a free comprehensive and effortless tool that allows you to create catalogs, stores and galleries for your blog/dropshipping business. It is quite elegant and professional looking and allows you to catalog almost anything complete with images, descriptions---the whole enchilada---and share it through your dropship blog.

2. Branded Email: This handy freebie sends your dropshipping business logo on your WordPress generated emails. Yay! Free branding!

3. Fanplayr: This plugin allows you to monetize your social platforms such as Facebook by adding social coupons. It adds social game mechanics and challenges that people really like and it’s a win-win for everyone concerned.

4. Paypal Short Codes: If you don’t offer the ever popular Paypal as a payment method for your dropshipping business, you will miss a lot of sales! This plugin lets you insert Paypal buttons in your posts or page by means of a shortcode. You can define your email and currency in the Settings, too.

5. WP Ecommerce: Last but far from least, this free shopping cart plugin is a real workhorse for ecommerce that allows customers to buy your products, services and digital downloads online.

Ecommerce can make it possible for you to work from home and earn a great income, so get started now and use one or more of these FREE WordPress plugins for your own home dropshipping business!

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